Saturday, February 10, 2007

Whittenburg has all the right answers

Hey U.S. Department of State, looking for a diplomat? Fordham coach and N.C. State alumnus Dereck Whittenburg might just be your man.
Whittenburg was asked Saturday (after his Rams lost to Charlotte 72-68 at Halton Arena) if he ever heard from the Wolfpack last spring about its then-vacant coaching position.
Whittenburg just smiled.
"I'm happy for Sidney," he said of Sidney Lowe, his former Wolfpack teammate and now N.C. State's coach. "It was the right opportunity for him and I'm very happy where I am now."
The Wolfpack coaching search lasted several weeks. Whittenburg said during that time that he hoped to hear from athletics director Lee Fowler, but never did. He said he's not bitter.
"Not at all," he said. "I'm just wishing my teammate well and a lot of success. I'm very proud of him.
"And I knew they would beat (North) Carolina!" -- David Scott


WB said...

Classy way to handle that situation. Well done.