Wednesday, February 7, 2007

20-game conference schedule shackles Davidson

Southern Conference teams will be seeing more of each other next season.

Davidson athletic director Jim Murphy said Tuesday night that the conference has approved a 20-game conference schedule for next season, up from 18 games this season. Murphy said the move will be done on a one-year basis, and will be revisited after the 2007-08 season.

Davidson opposed the increase. The move will mean Davidson will have only nine nonconference games next season. The Wildcats are already scheduled to play Duke and North Carolina at Charlotte Bobcats Arena, along with games at Charlotte and Western Michigan. That leaves Davidson with five other spots, and Murphy said the school will schedule at least two, and possibly three, Division III opponents.

A 20-game conference schedule is unusual, but not unheard of. The SEC, ACC and Big 10 all play 16-game conference schedules, but the Ohio Valley and Atlantic Sun currently have 20-game schedules.

The move will guarantee two games against every other conference opponent in the 11-team Southern Conference. That will create a balanced schedule, instead of the current format where teams rotate from one to two games against teams outside their division. Davidson and Appalachian State lead their respective divisions, but only played once this season because of the rotation.

-- Kevin Cary


WB said...

The 20 game SoCon schedule is a terrible idea. However, it's probably for only one year. Samford is supposedly coming into the SoCon, making the conference have two even divisions of 6 teams. Then they can go back to a normal 16 game conference schedule.