Monday, February 5, 2007

Crazies get taste of taunting

It’s interesting to see how opposing teams who have been losing for years at Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium - all the while being heckled mercilessly by Blue Devils fans - are reacting to winning there now. Florida State and Virginia Tech players have celebrated in front of the Cameron Crazies, then been booed by the students, or criticized by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, for doing so. The Seminoles and Hokies should probably rise above that kind of thing, but..are the Crazies just getting a dose of their own medicine? -- David Scott


Anonymous said...

absolutely. I've never heard such whining in all my life.

I think when you are a team with Duke's tradition, and get beat at home by a team who has never done it, common sense dictates they are going to be fired up.

Waaah. Just take care of business and hit a freaking layup for cryin' out loud.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the players should rise above that sort of behavior. Yes, the Crazies are getting exactly what they give all game long. Yes, we're waiting for groups of hugely entitled teens to suddenly demonstrate humility.

Anonymous said...

Let me first say that I am a huge Chapel Hill fan, so the following is completely biased:

I am a current student in high school. Luckily for myself and all other basketball fans at my school, we were divinely endowed with a great basketball team this year. Our student section tries to resemble the Cameron Crazies, and we have officially taken the name Cougar Crazies, representing Vance's school spirit at many athletic events.
With every game, student sections chant back and forth, sometimes stabbing at the players at the event, sometimes at each other. This connection, this rivalry, is something every sports fan should embrace and love. Yeah, it could be seen as immature, crude, or "not-in-good-taste", but the spirit is important in games. Sometimes, as many athletes will atest too, the cacophonous cheers and raucous chants could sway a game.

The Cameron Crazies deserve the taunting they recieved from Florida State players. Honestly, how many fans or players have been able to accomplish that feat? The chance to rub a win into the faces of such a famous group of spirited college kids rarely comes to many teams(other than this year where a young Duke team may struggle to reach .500).

The Cameron Crazies had it coming to them on Sunday night, and they will probably recieve a few more taunts this season.

Anonymous said...

It is not about the fans versus the opposing players. Of course, the crazies taunt just like other fans, well maybe a little bit more organized than others. It is about teams versus teams. Class versus no class. History dictates that Florida state (pick a sport) rarely wins with class and rarely shows discipline. By the way Amato try to bring this lack of class to NC State. So, this should have been expected. If we want to compare like taunting. Compare the 27'ish FSU fan sitting directly behind the bench with 1 or 2 middle fingers pointing to the sky half of the game. Now that is a class act!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Crazies deserved it, but most importantly, the FSU team deserved to celebrate. Where do you draw the line - well, that depends on the individual, so no point in arguing that. However, no one will deny that Cameron has proven to be an extremely tough place to play, much less win in recent history. Winning at Duke is a big win, especially for FSU, and especially when the fans tease and shout the entire game.

I think we are paying too much attention to the fans instead of the players. There's no better feeling in sports than silencing the crowd in a win - let FSU enjoy their moment. If anything, the Dukies should be proud that they are worth a half-court celebration from the opponent after a loss. Trust me, I'm an NC State graduate, and no one celebrates after beating us, because that would be ridiculous. An ACC team celebrating in that fashion after a game in Raleigh would signify that we have turned the corner and reached Duke or Kansas (see Texas A&M celebration) status, and after I spent five minutes getting over the loss, I'd accept the moment as a form of flattery.

I don't have the stats on Duke's record at Cameron over the years - I'm sure it's amazing. If the Duke fans can accept winning 9 out of 10 home games, they can certainly live with a few taunts after a home loss. Nice topic, but trust me - the Crazies forgot about FSU as soon as they got back to their dorms - this is Carolina week.

Anonymous said...

"History dictates that Florida state (pick a sport) rarely wins with class and rarely shows discipline."

You know not of what you speak. Duke just has a bunch of arrogant whiny snobs who think they are better than everyone else and who aren't used to losing in their own arena. After all the bs they have handed out over the years they deserved what they got.

Anonymous said...

Coach K pulled Dowdell aside, after Virgina Tech beat Duke, and told him he had too much class to be carrying on like that.

Meaning their celebration after the win.

Then after Duke beat Clemson, a team they should always beat at home, with the help of the three guys in black and white. They took their celebration a bit furter and included the assistant coaches in their dog pile.

I guess tugging on a three piece suit is classy, and tugging on a jersey is not.