Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Duke-UNC notebook: Sticker shock for Hansbrough

Imagine Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina’s beefy, high-scoring center, driving around the Research Triangle with a Duke sticker on his bumper.
Believe it or not, it happened. He was at the movies one day when somebody put a small sticker of the Duke logo on his black Dodge truck.
He didn’t realize what had happened until he got back home.
"It made me mad," he said. "I peeled it off. Immediately."
Divided loyalties will rule Wednesday at the Paulus residence near Syracuse, N.Y.
-- During the afternoon, Mike Paulus will hold a news conference at Christian Brothers Academy to announce he will play quarterback at North Carolina. At 9 p.m., sophomore guard Greg Paulus will be on the court in Durham for tip-off as Duke plays host to the Tar Heels in basketball.
"Maybe an afternoon North Carolina celebration," Greg Paulus said, describing what will happen at his parents’ house, "and a night time Duke celebration. Who knows?"
Mike Paulus text messaged Greg on Tuesday for advice on what to say during his news conference. Greg said he plans to attend Mike’s football games and hopes Mike will come to Duke basketball games.
"I’m probably the most excited to have him down here," Greg said. "Not even from a rivalry standpoint, but from a brother standpoint."
-- Freshman guards Wayne Ellington of North Carolina and Gerald Henderson of Duke are friendly rivals who aren’t quite as closely related as Greg and Mike Paulus.
Ellington and Henderson were best friends and teammates for The Episcopal Academy near Philadelphia. Henderson said they’ve been trading a little trash talk this week.
"He told me to watch my eye for his jumper," Henderson said.
In other words, Ellington plans to make shots right in Henderson’s face.
"It’s going to be intense," Ellington said.
-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

As if this game weren't exiting enough. I expect Duke to keep it close until the heels break'em in the second half.


Maura said...

The game was incredible, and UNC's defense was on point. However, Gerald Henderson is a dick.