Friday, February 3, 2012

ACC's new basketball schedule could mean fewer N.C. State-UNC matchups

N.C. State no longer will be guaranteed home-and-away basketball matchups with North Carolina in the new 18-game conference schedule announced this morning by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The ACC announced a new scheduling format this morning for when Syracuse and Pittsburgh join the league. According to the new schedule, beginning in 2012-13, each school will play every other league team at least once each season, but each school will have only one "primary partner" for guaranteed home-and-away games.

According to the release issued today following the approval of the schedules by the ACC's faculty athletic representatives and athletics directors gathered for the league's winter meetings in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the primary partners in basketball will be:

Duke and North Carolina
N.C. State and Wake Forest
Boston College and Syracuse
Clemson and Georgia Tech
Florida State and Miami
Maryland and Pitt
Virginia and Virginia Tech

According to the scheduling model's three-year cycle, ACC teams will play every league opponent at least once in basketball, with the primary partners playing home and away annually while the other 12 rotate in groups of four:

One year both home and away
One year at home only
One year away only.

Primary partners will play a total of six times in the schedule's three-year cycle and will play all other conference opponents four times. All 14 teams will compete in the ACC men's and women's basketball tournaments, regardless of the regular-season standings.

"We have been engaged in discussions on the various options for integrating Pitt and Syracuse since early fall," ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a league statement. "It's a tremendous tribute to the leadership at our schools that we will be able to seamlessly add Pitt and Syracuse at the appropriate time when they become full playing members."

For football, Syracuse will  join the Atlantic Division and Pitt will join the Coastal Division. With the two Big East schools switching to the ACC, the league will play a nine-game conference schedule, including six division games, one game against a primary crossover partner from the other division and two rotating opponents from the other division. The nine-game ACC schedule also means that some teams will have the advantage of five home games and four road games, while others will have to play five road games and will get only four at home.

The current primary crossover partners for football will remain consistent with Syracuse and Pitt becoming each other's primary crossover partner.

According to the ACC, the six-year cycle for this schedule will allow each team to play each divisional opponent and its primary crossover partner six times (three home and three away) while also playing each rotating crossover opponent two times (one home and one away).

--Lorenzo Perez


Anonymous said...

Expansion stinks. I realize why it's happening, but what once was the crown jewel of college athletics, ACC Basketball, is just a shell of its former self.

Coach Roy said...

Another fine mess that the Commish has led us into in the name of Football recognition. Keeping up with the Jones', will be the ruin of a good conference into one with no rivalaries, poor attendance and irrelavence in the big picture.

Anonymous said...

this frees up Duke and UNC to play more cupcakes.

look out UNC Pembroke and UNC Asheville !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, we play one less cupcake since we lose one of the NC State matchups.

\\Not our rival

Anonymous said...

is Florida State your new rival ?

Anonymous said...

As a UNC Alum, I was ALWAYS looking forward to those 2 wins each year...

Anonymous said...

FSU is usually a letdown team...they have 2 great wins this year. The won't win the ACC regular season ot the ACC Championship as UNC will win BOTH, and FSU will get bounced in the Sweet 16...

Anonymous said...

NC State had trouble win BC the other

What is that sissy "wolf" hand gesture?? said...

And nobody in Chapel Hill cares. NCSU has not been a rival in 20+ years. You actually must be competitive to be regarded as a rival. Roy is 17-1 against the puppies. We need better competition than what the little red boys gave. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

No article on the best team in college basketball in the carolinas this weekend?

that's right, the current #1 and winning-est program in the ncaa is playing in SC tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

UK won't be #1 at the end of the year...write that down...the freshmen will cave in the NCAA' UK will have to vacate those wins within the next 2-3 years...UMASS and Memphis did...Coach Cal will back in the NBA when that happens...

Anonymous said...

I saw Anthony Davis in Lexington driving around in a $60k SUV...WONDER HOW HE GOT THAT?

Anonymous said...

UK might get in trouble.....
but UNC IS in trouble.

2 words for you:

Beyotch Davis !!!!

suck it holes!!!


UK brain surgeon:

This may be a shock, but we are discussing basketball. You are excused.

dean smith wears diapers said...


For all of you fine upstanding heels that so arrogantly love to chant "not our rival" in games for which you are winning and still in the gym when it ends, please keep in mind that at some point in your life you will battle new rivals.

For example, somewhere right now, your old coach has but two rivals that remain. His uncontrollable bowels and his wandering mind.


Anonymous said...

UNC owns Dook/NCSU/WFU and UK...check the record books...UNC is the FLAGSHIP school in the TAR HEEL STATE....Holla!

Anonymous said...

Either all you UNC-CHEATER fans have a serious inferiority complex or extremely inflated egos. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I will watch ACC sports no more forever.

Anonymous said...

Owns Duke? Maybe in the '40s...

Hasn't Duke won 4 of the past 5 / 21 of the past 30?

Anonymous said...

conference reallignments stink.

syracuse basketball really wanted no part of the ACC. they had great rivals in their old conference too. lame games in acc now.

its a shame.

and yes, the heels fans seems to have some sort of inferiority complex. I guess squandering talent annually does that to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:49 is dreaming and anonymous at 3:15 is just uneducated.Duke beat the tholes twice last year,so how can UNCheat dominate the series? Duke will roll the tholes again and win the ACC tourney!

Anonymous said...

5 of the last 12?

Anonymous said...

The cat who posted at 3:15 lives in his mama's basement and drinks pabst blue other words....he lives in the past and has no life!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw a toothless man wearing a cheap Tar Heel shirt standing outside of a Target chanting:

"not our rival"
"not our rival"
"not our rival"

AL B said...

It's all about money people. Basketball is not a money sport for everyone (UNC, Duke and maybe NCSU). Football generates more income, and this is all about money.
Personally, UNC-NCSU once a year for two years makes it more meaningful. You only get one shot two years in a row, just like football.

Anonymous said...

I constantly see scum of the earth types decked out in UNC regalia. Saw a bunch of "white chocolate" UNC Walmarters at Publix last night whoopin and hollerin, "F this, F that", berating shoppers, etc.

UNCheat: THIS is your core fanbase.

Anonymous said...

UNC owns Kentucky. Thats why Kentucky beat them earlier this season. And bounced them from the NCAA tournament last year.

But why focus on recent games when you're a UNC fan?!?!

Anonymous said...

Carolina's record versus Kentucky:

22 wins and 13 losses

Nothing else really needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Rupp 4
Dean 2

perhead costa rica said...

I think you stole my thoughts on this because I thought the exact same thing about ACC's new basketball schedule, and in fact, there were fewer N.C. State-UNC matchups