Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tweets: Bubba Cunningham's 128-team NCAA nuts

Bubba Cunningham
North Carolina athletics director Bubba Cunningham said this week he supports a 128-team NCAA basketball tournament.

The response from media on Twitter has been almost universally negative. A sampling of Tweets:

Michael DeCourcy @tsnmike:  If I'm a UNC fan, I'm hoping Bubba Cunningham's plans for Tar Heels are better than his idea for a 128-team NCAAT. Horrendous.

Michael DeCourcy ‏ @tsnmike:  If you look at this college basketball season and decide it needs a 128 team tournament, I must seriously question your judgment.

Dave Telep @DaveTelep: ‏ Imagine being a BCS level coach and you miss a 128-team NCAA Tournament. Careful what you wish for.

Jeff Rabjohns  ‏ @JeffRabjohns: ‏ In the Mock Selection, we had a tough time finding 37 teams truly deserving of an NCAA Tournament at-large berth. 128-team field? Please.

Jason Anderson ‏ @J680Anderson: If there was a 128-team NCAA tournament this year Seth Greenberg would still be on the bubble.

Pete DiPrimio ‏ @pdiprimio:   North Carolina AD likes a 128-team NCAA tourney field. Lot of people say this is stupid. Some say it's brilliant. We're too tired to choose.

Matthew Stevens ‏ @matthewcstevens:   Note to new North Carolina athletics director Bubba Cunningham: IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HARD TO MAKE NCAA TOURNAMENT!

David Teel ‏ @DavidTeelatDP:  Thankfully #UNC AD Bubba Cunningham, proponent of 128-team tournament, is not on selection committee.

Ben Kercheval ‏ @CFTBenKerch:   Can someone remind Bubba Cunningham that he's at North Carolina, not Tulsa? You know, where he's going to make the tournament every year.

Larry Williams ‏ @LarryWilliams: UNC AD likes the idea of a 128-team field in NCAA Tournament. And you think the regular season is boring now?


Anonymous said...

posted over two hours ago and still no post from a State troll?

I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

The State trolls probably agree with Bubba - it's the only way they're going to get an invitation.

Ole South said...

Bubba must be all about the TV revenue. John Swofford probably is on board for the same reason. Bring back the old ACC...enough with the Syracuses and Pittsburghs. I'd rather they stayed in the Big East.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The Cheats From Chapel Hill will be studying Swahili. UNC-CHeats is a disgrace to the entire state of North Carolina. Enjoy your sanctions!

Anonymous said...

He is just trying to prevent another NIT run once Cryolina loses everyone this year.

Anonymous said...

"Bubba?" Wonder how he found his way to NC in the first place? Actually, I wonder how someone with a post graduate degee would make that statememt

Anonymous said...

Ya know times are tough on the Hill when your two biggest hires of the past 5 years are a guy from the backwoods of Mississippi and a guy named Bubba from Tulsa.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous (2/29, 9:15 AM) Tell me, which of the following is most deserving of the title of "a disgrace to the entire state of North Carolina"? ... U.S. News College Rankings - Duke #10, Wake #25, UNC-CH #29, NC State #101

Anonymous said...

UNC-CH has now been exposed as a diploma mill. You've got to love that 90% of grades handed out at unc-ch were A's. Isn't the same Swahili Professor STILL EMPLOYED?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll come back to get that new UNCheat online MBA!!! Classy!

price per head software said...

hahaha I read several tweets from Michael DeCourcy and Jason Anderson and some of them are so hilarious! they got a good sense of humor!