Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harrison Barnes sits out practice

CHAPEL HILL — After suffering a sprained left ankle in North Carolina’s 68-53 victory at Wake Forest on Tuesday night, Tar Heels sophomore forward Harrison Barnes did not practice on Thursday, according to a UNC spokesman.
Barnes’ status for the Heels’ practice on Friday, and their game on Saturday at Maryland, remains in doubt. After traveling to Maryland, No. 5 UNC returns home to host No. 7 Duke next Wednesday night.

Barnes suffered the injury during the first half against the Demon Deacons. He said he “rolled” his ankle running down the court. He left the game and proceeded to the Tar Heels’ locker room, where a trainer re-taped his ankle.

He returned late in the first half and played most of the second. He finished with 13 points in 27 minutes but acknowledged that he was in pain after the game ended. He said he hoped that rest and icing his ankle would make it feel better.

UNC didn’t practice on Wednesday, when tests confirmed Barnes’ ankle sprain.


Anonymous said...

So what does Barnes do? He's never gonna be the best player in the country like everyone projected, he's never gonna be a Top 3 draft pick like everyone predicted, it's becoming clear that this team is NOT Natl Championship material like everyone thought...

Does the guy go pro after a probable Sweet 16/Elite 8 exit this year or give it yet another shot?

Anonymous said...

but they all came back for the sure thing title.....hahaha.

barnes is a f'n pussycat. roy's heels have no desire and it has shown this year.

Anonymous said...

If zeller, barnes, and henson leave I am worried the heels are going to be quite bad next yr. they don't have much. McAdoo has really underperformed compared to the other McD's he was in with.

Roy may need to pull a coach K and take a yr off.

Anonymous said...

They are still 19-3 and probably better than every hater's team who has posted on this board. Hope you guys enjoy watching them cut down the nets this year in New Orleans.

jeff said...

Once again, UNC has a very good, if not great, team. And again, the highlight of MooU fans' season is finding something to disparage about the Tar Heels (and anonymously, at that). Even if that disparagement is wishful-thinking predictions about possible shortcomings.

How miserable an existence it must be to have your disposition forever hinged on a longing for the failure of others.

NCSU fans lament how "they think they're better than us..."

Well, we do indeed think we're better than THAT.

Truly, the thing that gnaws at you guys the worst? The fact that we don't similarly base the quality of our lives on your perpetual mediocrity...We just don't even think about your petty, bitter, bile-spewing 2nd rate institution.

In other words, you don't matter enough to matter.

Anonymous said...

Might be an NIT runner-up type of year for Roy's Holes next year!