Monday, April 4, 2011

Yow updates Wolfpack Club on coaching search

RALEIGH — With her list of potential candidates reduced by three, N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow reached out to Wolfpack fans on Monday night.

Yow sent an email out to Wolfpack Club members on Monday night which updated her efforts to find a new basketball coach, one that was a "fighter" and up to the challenge of rebuilding a program that is in "poor shape."

In a whirlwind day after a quiet week on the search, Virginia Commonwealth’s Shaka Smart, Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin and Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall were all eliminated from the mix on Monday.

Yow had not made any public comments since Sidney Lowe resigned on March 15 but after the flurry of candidates exited the search, she sent out the email with an update on her progress after 8 p.m.

A school spokeswoman confirmed Yow sent out the letter Monday night. The full transcript of the email:

Dear Wolfpack Family,

I am writing to share with you the status of the search for our new head coach for men's basketball. There have been telephone conversations with successful coaches that did not develop into meetings -- sometimes because we did not wish to pursue those coaches further and sometimes because the coach involved is happy where he is.

The conversations have been candid. We have not tried to sugarcoat the challenge of rebuilding our basketball program. Our absence for 5 consecutive years from the NCAA Tournament was noted by each coach as evidence that the program is in poor shape and will require a special effort to rebuild.

Finding a coach with the fight and fire to do this job has been a challenge. That said, we will find an excellent college coach who shares the vision of what State Basketball can become and is up for the challenge.

I realize there are multiple rumors surfacing about the nature of the search on websites and in newspapers. Once our new coach is hired, I will be in a position to bring perspective to a number of those rumors. But, right now, we need to remain focused on finding a talented collegiate coach who is a fighter, full of confidence and appreciation for the opportunity to lead our basketball program back to national prominence.

That will happen in spite of those who believe this cannot occur.

Wolfpack Basketball is destined for a revival. We will accept no less. Please keep the faith while we continue the search. Your emails and text messages of support have meant everything to me. I am blessed to be your AD.

In the Spirit of the Pack,


-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

This ain't good "we will find".

LOL@State said...

A desperate, pitiful, pathetic letter. This is just another nail in the coffin of this basketball program. Herb and Gary Williams are laughing and having a beer together somewhere. NC State and Yow deserve each other. Enjoy 5 more years of getting massacred by UNC and Duke before another debacle of a coaching search.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that DY is a radical feminist, and many successful coaches refuse to be subjected to a female bully? I figured if there is one in Charlotte maybe there is also one in a Raleigh. We could not hire an experienced coach either.

After a while you have hold the ones that hired the AD responsible too!

Anonymous said...

The question is how much does Yow have to do with all these coaches not wanting to coach there or is it the State job period? I say Yow has a lot to do with it. Might as well hire Bruce Pearl, cheating is their only chance to even come close to Carolina or Duke

Anonymous said...

It time for these feminist AD to realize that Men Basketball Coaches are not dumb jocks!

DY treated Gary Williams like he was a dirt bag when she was in Maryland. Now when coaches call him and ask "what's it like for a man to have work (for) her?" All he has to say is "I'd really rather not say." Then all of a sudden 3 coaches in one day turn you down.

Judy Rose experienced the same thing when coaches called Bobby Lutz and asked him what it was like to work with her. How many of you believe DY & JR are experiencing Karma?

Bobby Lutz and Gary Williams are respected by their peers and some AD are finding it out.

Anonymous said...

These comments have no basis in fact. Tom O'Brien is a tough guy and a good coach, and he certainly seems be happy in his job.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the WPC over 30 years and I didn't get any email from Yow. Neither is it posted on the school's athletic site.

Anonymous said...

People dismiss us, but we are historically the best b-ball program in the South. Just look at the history. Sloan, Thompson, Valvano, Shackelford, and Lowe. We have the names. And the championships. All we need is the right coach. Wolfpack will reign supreme.

In the spirit of the Wolfpack,

Justin Ross

Unknown said...

Best in the south?????bless your heart!

WOLFPACK! said...

Best in the south is right..If you know the history of Basketball at all then you would know the emergence of NC State as a Basketball program is what prompted both Carolina and Duke to field teams and try to become competitive. We deserve a coach with desire to come in and win and want to win immediately. The talent wants to come here and the fans are the best in the world. Whoever the coach is I will pull hard for them the entire time.

Go Pack!

Anonymous said...

The misogynist on the board are the problem. Its the trifecto at NCSU that is the problem.

1. The way NCSU handled the Jimmy V issue
2. The way the fans treated Sendek.
3. And an AD that is misandrist.

By the way RR are you a misanthropist?