Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poll: Wolfpack fans apathetic about Gottfried

The hire of Mark Gottfried as N.C. State’s basketball coach has created little reaction among Wolfpack fans, according to poll results released this afternoon.

Public Policy polling reports that 63 percent of self-identified N.C. State fans have no opinion of Gottfried, the former Alabama coach who most recently was an ESPN analyst and was hired April 5 at N.C. State.

Of fans who did take a position, 27 percent said Gottfried was a good hire and just 10 percent said hiring him was a bad decision.

Gottfried’s hire did generate more reaction from N.C. State fans than that of Brian Gregory at Dayton. A Public Policy poll late last month found 79 percent of Georgia Tech fans had no opinion of the Gregory hire; 14 percent were happy, and seven percent were unhappy.

The poll also showed that, N.C. State athletics director Debbie Yow has outstanding support. Fifty-three percent of N.C. State fans approved of the job Yow is doing, and just six percent disapproved.

Fans remained divided on whether firing former coach Sidney Lowe was the right decision. Thirty-three percent agree now that Lowe needed to go, while 26 percent thought he should have been retained.

In February, 27 percent of Wolfpack fans wanted Lowe fired, while 29 percent wanted him to stay on as coach.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

So Ken, who took the poll, how many were polled, and what is the point? Wolfpack fans expect the worst and hope for the best. Alum are proud of their degrees and wish better success from their sports programs, but life goes on, unlike many bandwagon fans that abandon ship with the slightest hiccup, most Wolfpackers are true to their school. What a waste of your time and ours to poll this when nothing has been accomplished, YET!

Jason said...

Approval of Yow went from 0% to 67% the minute she opened her mouth and blamed Gary Williams for her troubles. Yow gives Wolfpack fans exactly what they want - someone else to blame for their failures.

Michael Procton said...

Great point, Jason.