Monday, May 17, 2010

Report: ACC TV deal with ESPN a monster

ESPN won the TV rights to ACC football and basketball in a bidding competition with Fox Sports, and the new deal will net the league $155 million a year, dwarfing the $67 million average the league was getting with the old deal, industry sources told the Triangle Business Journal.

Here's an excerpt from the Business Journal story:

The back-and-forth bidding, which reached its final stages last week at the league’s spring meetings in Amelia Island, Fla., drove up ESPN’s rights fee from initial projections of about $120 million a year to $155 million, sources said, providing the ACC with more than double the revenue it was receiving from its previous football and basketball contracts.

ESPN’s increase was in response to an unexpectedly strong pursuit by Fox Sports and sources familiar with the negotiations say the bidding was neck-and-neck last week.

The ACC broke from its spring meetings without announcing a new deal, and the conference said a formal contract had not been finalized. But industry sources pegged a pending deal with ESPN at $1.86 billion over 12 years.

That annual figure of $155 million dwarfs the average of $67 million the league was getting from its previous media deals, which expire at the end of the 2010-11 season, but falls well short of the $205 million a year that the SEC gets from its new 15-year deals with CBS and ESPN.


JAT said...

Got a bad linky there, hoss.

Over $150m. per year is good, not great for the ACC -- that is still about $4m. per school less than the SEC deal and who knows less that what the Big 10 in banking with its own network (which is what is driving its expansion interest, more product means more money.)

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly impressed that the ACC can get this much TV money for a football product that is less relevant than any of the BCS conference and a basketball product that is sinking to the level of the Missouri Valley Conference. Maybe this new influx of cash will help them buy some recruits.

Unknown said...

"...and a basketball product that is sinking to the level of the Missouri Valley Conference." - J

When was the last time the MVC won three of the last six national championships awarded? The ACC is still a force nationally - even in down years.