Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hill can't see Coach K leaving for Cavs

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski made it clear in early April that he "wouldn't have any interest" if the New Jersey Nets had contacted him about their vacant job. Now that Krzyzewski's name has popped up in the rumor mill as a potential candidate for the Cleveland Cavaliers, at least one former player said he thinks he won't have any interest in that job, either.

“He gets his fix with the Dream Team,” Suns forward Grant Hill told Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports earlier this week. “He gets the best players without all the headaches. What I mean by that is if you go through a season, there are things that come up. Not every situation is ideal in terms of having the chemistry or camaraderie that we have or the Lakers have, the teams that are playing right now. He can get those [Team USA] guys to buy in. They’re all-stars who suppress their egos and buy into what they’re doing.

“But if he turned down the Lakers, turned down New Jersey, I can’t see him going to Cleveland. I think he’s happy, he’s content and they got some good players there. We’re about to make another [championship] run [at Duke]. He’s in a good place: Lifetime contract; involved with the business school.

“I’m trying not to be biased, trying to be objective, he really was what Dean Smith was 10 to 20 years. He is college basketball. He’s the face. He knows he has a good thing going and I can’t see him leaving.”

In 2004, Krzyzewski turned down an offer reported to be worth $40 million over five years to coach the Los Angeles Lakers.

He said last summer that Duke would be his last coaching job, and made a similar statement last month, the day before the Blue Devils met Butler in the NCAA championship game.

"I'll be at Duke even after I stop coaching," he said. "You know, that's where I'm going to be."

-- Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

These stupid rumors keep comming up because the tarhole fans want him to leave sooo bad they can't stand it!! Can everyone say BACK TO BACK?

Anonymous said...

Tar Heel fans don't want him to leave dook. We love kicking his ass. Don't forget, last year was the first time dook won at home (vs. UNC)in FIVE YEARS. Ouch, bitch.

Anonymous said...

did you really just say "we love kicking his ass" and "ouch, bitch"? this past season duke fans couldnt say a whole lot to carolina fans cause there was nothing to brag about. now, its reversed. duke is coming off a national championship and 32pt butt kicking of carolina and you think you have the right to talk smack? loooooooser!

Anonymous said...

My man, Grant Hill!!! Still my fav all-time Dukie. So happy to see him healthy and contributing this year. Love his confidence too, lets go for another one!!!!

Anonymous said...

gimme a break.... these rumors start because he is a good coach and people want him. Has nothing to do with Tar Heel fans.