Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Reminder Of Why The Tournament Still Matters

I'm as guilty as anyone in saying that the ACC men's basketball tournament isn't what it was and it's not. I can't imagine school teachers turn the Thursday and Friday afternoon games on in classrooms like they did when I was a kid all those many years ago.

But then you get a day like this one -- North Carolina against Clemson and Duke against Virginia Tech in the semifinals -- and you remember why the tournament still matters.

Did you see the reaction Friday when North Carolina's Tyler Zeller scored at the last instant to beat Boston College?

Did you see the faces on both sides while the outcome of the Virginia Tech-Florida State game hung in the balance? Okay, it was late, you're excused if you missed that.

They were reminders of why the games still matter.

Walking into the Greensboro Coliseum today, fans were tailgating like it was a football weekend. Instead of falling leaves, spring flowers were blooming and there was literally music in the air from a band playing outside the arena.

By late afternoon Sunday, the attention will have shifted to the NCAA tournament but for this Saturday and part of Sunday, it's all about the ACC tournament. I still believe the league should play the championship game on Saturday night to give the winner a day to revel before the NCAA swirl takes over but that's not likely to change.

The ACC tournament isn't what it once was but days like this one serve as a reminder of why it still matters.
-- Ron Green Jr.


TheRef said...

Ron, I don't know what game you were watching but Carolina didn't play Boston College, that would be Miami