Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kendall Marshall hyped -- as a fifth grader

Someone sent us an e-mail today, with a column by Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated from December of 2002, about the player ranked as the nation's top fifth grader: North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall.

This was back when Marshall was still a 5-1 kid who liked macaroni and cheese but not yet girls, but he was already a national champion in AAU play and faced monumental expectations.

Turns out, Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop was right about his potential -- he's pretty good, even if he's no longer No. 1. But it still feels a little wrong to us.

Still, an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Well, after reading that, I know where the nickname "Butter" came from.

Anonymous said...

There was in article from 2001 about him on the front page of the Washington Post. Do you happen to have the link to that?

Anonymous said...


Hope all is well. I ran into these 2 videos. Check these 2 kids out, from North Carolina . One does 360 dunks and is 14. Another is quick as lightning at the point.

1) Ari Polanco: