Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irving may play for Duke on Friday

DURHAM - Freshman point guard Kyrie Irving might play Friday in Duke's NCAA tournament opener, coach Mike Krzyzewski said today.

"There is a chance that he would play, but the decision won't be made for a few days," Krzyzewski said during his on-campus news conference to preview Duke's NCAA tournament opener.

Irving, who is recovering from an injury to his right big toe, practiced some with the team today. No. 1 seed Duke (30-4) meets No. 16 seed Hampton at about 3:15 p.m. Friday at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.

Krzyzewski said Irving will not start and would only play a few minutes at a time if he gets on the court. The coach said Irving's toe is being re-evaluated after tonight's practice, and expects to know a lot more about Irving's status by the time Duke holds its open practice session Thursday afternoon in Charlotte.

Irving's return to the team would be a smooth transition, Krzyzewski said, because he has remained an enthusiastic member of the team even though he has missed the last 26 games because of the injury.

His teammates were enthusiastic about the prospect of Irving returning.

"Personally, I don't think he's missed a beat," senior forward Kyle Singler said after practice. "He's done a great job rehabbing. He's a little bit out of shape, but that's to be expected."

Irving injured his toe when it bent backward on Dec. 4 during a game against Butler. His foot was kept in a cast while damaged tissue between the sesamoid bones in his toe healed.

After Duke's win Sunday over North Carolina in the ACC tournament final, Irving told reporters for the first time that there was a chance he would return. Krzyzewski had repeatedly said he wasn't counting on getting Irving back.

"I'm going day by day," Krzyzewski said today, "because I never expected him to be back where he is today."


Anonymous said...

Favorites again?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you just hear that? That was the loud gasp from everyone else in the tournament field when they learned that Kyrie was back.

There's a new tournament favorite and their called DUKE!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the there, their, they're thing. Its not that hard people!!

Anonymous said...

its, it's...vinegar, tomato

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Anonymous said...

Irving is great player but does not make Duke the favorite, if anything it will disrupt chemistry and when was the last time he guarded anybody in real game action? The answer would be months ago!

Anonymous said...

I can hear the rest of the tournament field screaming like a schoolgirl in a slasher movie right now.

wCsquared said...

Be afraid, be very afraid...The Dukies are in it to win it ALL now lol

Anonymous said...

Could be interesting. Can Irving gel with the team after missing most of the season.Also the quality of the opponents he played in those first 8 games wasn't Kansas and OSU.