Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breaking Singler out of slump a delicate job

One of the most delicate tasks a coach can handle is that of trying to help a shooter break out of a slump.

That’s the challenge Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski faces as the Blue Devils prepare for the final week of the regular season.

Duke senior forward Kyle Singler has missed 28 of his last 36 3-point attempts. Over his last four games, Singler is 1-for-11 from 3-point range.

He had three crucial misses on wide-open 3-point attempts late in the Blue Devils’ 64-60 loss Sunday that might have finished off Virginia Tech before the Hokies rallied late to win.

A coach can yell at a player for failing to box out, setting wimpy screens or neglecting to run back on defense at full speed. But if a player squares up in good rhythm to take jump shots that just don’t go in, yelling at him isn’t going to do any good.

How do you help a shooter who’s struggling? You watch tape carefully to see if there’s something mechanically wrong with the shooting motion in hopes of finding something to fix.

If not, you have a delicate psychological job on your hands. You don’t win four NCAA titles, as Krzyzewski has, if you don’t know how to do this job. Just last season, senior guard Jon Scheyer went through a late slump that Duke survived on the way to the national championship.

But make no mistake about it, Singler needs to get his shot together soon. The Blue Devils won’t easily get back to the Final Four or win the ACC regular season or tournament titles if that critical part of their offense is missing.

Ken Tysiac


FearTurtle said...

Dook is done. They have played the starters way too much, as Rat always does. They will get knocked out in the round of 32 in Charlotte. Same old Dook. Last year was a fluke. K has lost his coaching touch. The Heels will win by 20 in Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

this is where playing Singler 38+ minutes against the Elon's and Bradley's of the world (at home nonetheless) catches up to you.

K has done this for years and if not for a very favorable draw and upsets a plenty in last years NCAA would've gotten him again.

Playing Butler really benefited Duke, not b/c they weren't good, b/c they were, but their style allowed Duke's players to rest more than say a Kentucky would've.

all in all, like the above poster said, they are done. And emotional game in Chapel Hill Saturday, then a likely 3 day run in Greensboro, these guys will be gassed.

Cliff said...

As a Carolina fan, I am little more wary and respectful of Coach K and Duke than the previous posters. Like it or not, K has 4 NCAA championships, has passed Dean in total wins and has Duke close to Carolina in true ACC championships (the tournament). Anyway, talk about slumps, what about this guy on Carolina, Bullock? Surely one of those walk ons at the end of the bench could hit the shots he's been missing. Regardless, with Henson and Zeller playing as they are, Carolina should win in Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

Dear FearTurtle. You sir, are a jackass. And "same ol duke" is about a million times more respected than the Twerps best year with the most overrated coach in the NCAA, Gary the Sweatrag. We got 4,(one after your boys blew a 23 point lead in the final four on us) you got 1. (that we gave you by the way). So shut it.

Duke is just fine. They have won 9 of the last 12 ACC tourneys. If Kyrie hadn't injured his foot, everyone would be wondering if they were going to actually lose a game this year. They get everyone's best effort every time they play a game, because they are the greatest team of the last decade. I respect the Heels success but they still are a rival so to hell with them. I don't have time for some whiny Maryland lover clown. Get over yourself. Spend more time figuring out how to get lonny baxter out of jail.

Anonymous said...

We got 6, you got 4. So shut it.

Anonymous said...

Who's got 6? Kentucky? Certainly you don't mean UNC.

By the way Cliff, Duke actually leads UNC in what you call "real ACC championships" (tourney) 18-17.

Really looking forward to Chapel Hill game. Love how how everyone's picking the Heels! Thanks for the motivation.