Sunday, March 31, 2013

Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffers gruesome compound fracture

The first half of Sunday's Midwest Regional final ended with Louisville holding a 35-32 lead on Duke. The game changed irrevocably, though, midway through the period, when Cardinals guard Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture in his right leg that left his right tibia exposed.

Ware jumped to defend a Tyler Thornton 3-pointer and collapsed in a heap. Lying on his back right in front of the Louisville bench, his right tibia was sticking through his skin. The reaction by his teammates and coaches was immediate.

Many of the assistants and support staff ran to the side. Chane Behanan dropped to the floor and rolled around, sobbing. Peyton Siva and Wayne Blackshear dropped to the floor as well. Russ Smith sobbed as well. Rick Pitino wiped tears from his eyes but stayed near Ware the entire time.

Players from both teams were visibly shaken. The medical staff ran onto the court, and Louisville assistants held up towels to block Ware’s exposed tibia from view. Ware left the court on a stretcher, with a medical device protecting his shin, protruding from his leg, covered by a towel. The crowd, including Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke bench, stood and applauded as Ware was wheeled off.

A Louisville spokesman released a statement saying Ware had been taken to nearby Methodist Hospital for treatment.

-- Laura Keeley


Anonymous said...

Looks like he tried to stop from jumping out of bounds on the elevated court. The black sidelines played a mind trick to make him think he would fall in a hole.

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