Monday, April 1, 2013

Video: Louisville coach Rick Pitino discusses Kevin Ware's broken leg

Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome broken leg during Louisville's 85-63 win over Duke on Sunday in the Elite Eight. Coach Rick Pitino discussed the emotional injury.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with Kevin, hope the surgery & healing goes well. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Get real. Just your typical spoiled pampered college dumb jock basketball player playing a pussy game on a free ride who broke a leg. No big deal. He will get over it.

End all college sports scholarships and make it mandatory to score 1200 on your SAT to get into college. Stop giving preferential treatment to anyone. Treat all students the same.

No freebies for any sports bums. They have to pay to play and have the grades to get in. Cut the inequality.
Why should sports students get free rides and have inferior grades when all other students pay or have good grades? No double standards. No freebies.

Student inequality has to end in America and the NCAA needs to take charge.
Recruit only paying gifted athletes NOT freeloader dumb jocks wanting a free ticket to the pros after a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Really?!?!?! So you who are wealthy should be the only fortunate to go to college, is that it? Have you ever thought of the work and dedication that these athletes of all sports put into there gift in order to make it into a college. Possibly there studies hurt a little cause they know that if they spend there time where there gifts are they can get that scholarship to do better in there life.
Grow up and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

Anonymous said...

The only logical answer to college sports academic cheating is too immediately end all college requirements that enables unqualified dumb jocks to scam the system.
Allow anybody to go pro after high school graduation at age 18 if they can cut the muster since no one is willing to create NFL or NBA minor league systems like MLB that is cheat-free and does not worry about scammers who cant spell their own names.

The NCAA needs to require 1200 minimum on the SAT plus a HS GPA of 2.5 and end all scholarships. Get a college loan like 99% of all students including "poor" ones who repay it once they grad and get real jobs so they wont have to mooch like useless sorry welfare pack rats or fake disability scumbags.

Today's pc age classless tattooed pierced dumb jocks are much dumber and inferior athletically than their past counterparts who were real gifted athletes and would play circles around them all.
Just a wasted generation of fuck ups the past 15-20 yrs excluding those diligent honest hard working students and gifted athletes who did things the right way.

The whole system needs revamping cleaning up over hauled and the rules changed for the better. This will weed out the bums from college and pros.

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