Monday, January 31, 2011

Krzyzewski's daughter recovering from mild stroke

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s daughter, Debbie Krzyzewski Savarino, has been recovering for the past several weeks from a vertebral artery dissection that resulted in a mild stroke, a school spokesman said in a statement released Monday.

Savarino has returned to her job as the assistant director of the Legacy Fund and director of external relations for the Duke basketball office. She is expected to make a full recovery.

“Her recovery is progressing extremely well,” Duke associate athletic director for university and public affairs Jon Jackson said in the statement.

Savarino is the oldest of Krzyzewski’s three daughters. She has fundraising responsibilities within the Legacy Fund, which was established to ultimately endow the entire basketball program.

She also is the main liaison for Duke basketball with organizations such as Duke Children’s Hospital, the Emily Krzyzewski Family Life Center, the Jimmy V Cancer Research Foundation and the K Lab.
The Krzyzewski family appreciates all the support provided by family and friends, according to Jackson’s statement.

Savarino also is grateful for the care of Duke team doctor Jeff Bytomski, Duke Hospital's Neurosurgery staff headed by Allan Friedman and Duke Executive Health led by Kevin Waters.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

that really puts a meaningless basketball game into perspective. get well soon.

Anonymous said...

This happened a "few weeks ago" and we are just hearing about this in the observer? If a dukr player takes a hit off a funny cigarette,the observer is already delivering copies while the ink is still wet.What a news sleuth you are ken.Great priorities!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why this is just being reported is because it's a family matter moron not a public basketball matter. Get a life stupid. You shouldn't have to know what's going on in someone's family anyway. How would you like someone posting about your trip to the ER because of the burning sensation you got from visiting a glory hole prick.

Shane P said...

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david gantt said...

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