Friday, January 28, 2011

UNC freshman's 'Black Falcon' nickname came from ESPN

CHAPEL HILL -- How did North Carolina freshman Harrison Barnes get 'The Black Falcon' as a nickname? Credit ESPN.

"When I was at the Jordan Game, myself, [Ohio State's] Jared Sullinger, and [Duke's] Kyrie Irving, we had to go up three days earlier than everybody else, and we got a tour of ESPN,'' Barnes said today. " They ...gave us [each] nicknames. ... I think Jared's was 'Big Smooth' and Kyrie's was 'Time,' because he said he couldn't be stopped."

But why a bird?

"I said I wanted mine to be an animal, because Michael Jordan was the 'Black Cat' and Kobe was the 'Black Mamba,'" Barnes said. "And they just gave me the 'Black Falcon.'

-- Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

How about the black bricklayer?

kickazzz2000 said...

softest brick i've ever seen when that 3 swished against the U, shutting up their idiotic chant of overrrated


Anonymous said...

Harrison, NEVER compare yourself to Kobe or MJ again, thanks.

How about the Great Black Hype???

Anonymous said...

How about Honarable Mention Freshman All-American? Truth hurts LOL!!!!