Monday, February 8, 2010

Duke players still respect Heels

DURHAM - As Duke prepares to visit North Carolina on Wednesday, the Blue Devils' players obviously are aware of the Tar Heels' struggles.

Duke (19-4, 7-2 ACC) moved up to No. 8 in The Associated Press' rankings on Monday, and North Carolina is 13-10 overall, 2-6 in the ACC.

"My reaction is, 'What's going on?' " said Duke junior guard Nolan Smith. "Because when I look at them, I know some of their players. I know they are a very talented team. They have guys that are probably going to be lottery picks. It's very surprising to me. But they're a very talented team."

The Blue Devils don't sound like they're taking North Carolina lightly despite its struggles. Forward Kyle Singler said youth might have contributed to the Tar Heels' losing record in the ACC.

"They're just young," Singler said. "Obviously that's what people talk about, that they're young. And they are. They have a lot of talent. You just really can't look at them losing games because they can beat anyone. They've definitely won some good games. So you can't necessarily say they're struggling."

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski also said the Tar Heels are talented, and he expects their best shot Wednesday.

"They're very talented and deep," he said. "They can keep coming at you. (Ed) Davis is one of the most talented players in the country. And (Deon) Thompson is just a seasoned veteran, and so is (Marcus) Ginyard. And (William) Graves is old. So they have a really good blend of veterans and a lot of talented young players. I just think they're a very talented basketball team, and obviously they represent a program that is proud and they have one of the best coaches of all time."

If the Tar Heels were looking for bulletin board material, they didn't get it from Duke's media session Monday. Then again, it doesn't take harsh words to inspire passion in this rivalry.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

""My reaction is, 'What's going on?'"

We stink!

Anonymous said...

one of the worst coaching jobs i have seen in recent yrs. last yr he just got to sit and watch his unmatched talent win....but this yr the players need help.

I say duke wins by 25.

duke is kind to say the heels are a good team.

Anonymous said...

The wine and cheese crowd will hit the exits around the 10 minutes mark in the second half.

Anonymous said...

Great bandwagon fans...get the heck off the bus and show your true colors now!!! Enjoy watching the team you secretly LOVE (dook) beat us (possibly) this week!!! However, just remember, we (UNC) will get the rat's best shot because he knows that, with HB and Co. coming in next year, he'll have to wait at least 4 more years to get us again!!!

Michael said...

If you think HB will be in Chapel Hill more than one season you are crazy. Ed Davis is gone after this season too, so I wouldn't be so overconfident. Duke has Kyrie Irving coming in, who is the #3 overall player in the 2010 class along with a Top-10 PF in Joshua Hairston. Should be some very good games for years to come, but early exits can kill even the deepest teams.

The Reid said...

Anyone who is insulting Roy's coaching ability needs to STFU! Seriously now, Roy Williams is still the best coach in college basketball right now despite the Heels' struggles this year. They didn't win the title last year just because they had superior talent and experience, he coached those guys up! Lawson had his struggles as a freshman and became a star under Roy's tutelage. They started 0-2 in the ACC last year but Roy coached them up and they won the title. This is a young team that has a lot of young pieces that still haven't found a way to fit into the puzzle. Go Heels! BEAT DOOK!

Anonymous said...

Last year the Heels completed one of the most impressive runs ever to claim their 5th NCAA National Championship. Duke folded early in the tournament.This year the Heels are bad and going nowhere. Duke will also most probably again make an early exit in the tourney. So which 2 year run would you rather have?

Anonymous said...

Hey dookies. That 2001 trophy of yours is really old and gathering dust. Are your boys ever gonna win another one? Well, certainly not this year. if you get your butt handed to you by the Wolfpeckers, how you gonna be Kansas or Kentucky?