Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Krzyzewski may coach Team USA again

DURHAM - Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said Wednesday that he will remain involved with the U.S. Olympic Team, and there is a chance he will be Team USA’s head coach again in 2012 in London.
Last summer, Krzyzewski coached Team USA to the gold medal in Beijing, China.
“I’m going to be with the Olympic Team in some capacity,” Krzyzewski said during a media availability at his K Academy camp on campus. “It’s just that the NBA season hasn’t even ended. I think once the NBA season has ended, I’ll have an even more clear picture of who’s going to go forward, maybe, from the players, how we’re going to do coaching.”
Krzyzewski said the national team will have one event lasting about four days in Las Vegas this summer for 24 NBA players to add to the pool of athletes in the program.
Asked if he has an interest in coaching in the Olympics again, Krzyzewski said, “We’ll see,” and “there’s a chance.”
“How everything goes forward has not been clearly defined yet,” he said. “The main thing is Jerry Colangelo now heads USA Basketball, which is great. Now what do you do with the culture and structure that you have developed for three years? Now what do you do? Part of that is coaching, but also part of that is a new pool of players, commitments from different people. There’s a lot that goes on.”

- Players take next step. Krzyzewski has made the rounds with the national media over the last few months promoting his book, “The Gold Standard.”
But he met with the local media Wednesday for the first time since Gerald Henderson left for the NBA after his junior season and former guard Greg Paulus announced he would play football in 2009 at Syracuse.
“We knew that (Henderson), once he put his name in, was not coming back (to school),” Krzyzewski said. “Otherwise he wouldn’t have put his name in. . . .I think things look good for him as long as he stays healthy, and we’re totally happy and supportive.”
Krzyzewski said Henderson will work out Thursday for the Charlotte Bobcats. Paulus’ decision also was endorsed by Krzyzewski.
“Where he went, school-wise and opportunity-wise, is by far the best decision,” Krzyzewski said. “And I think he’s going to do well.”

- Duke goes big. Krzyzewski said the 2009-10 Duke team will be quite different from the ones he has coached in recent years.
The traditionally guard-oriented Blue Devils have just three scholarship perimeter players – Nolan Smith, Jon Scheyer and Elliot Williams – returning. Krzyzewski said there is a chance that Kyle Singler, who has played power forward and center the last two seasons, will play entirely on the perimeter.
“I like our team,” Krzyzewski said. “We’re going to be a very big team, which is kind of unusual. So I’m excited about coaching a little bit of a different style. Not necessarily we won’t run or whatever. But we have a big team.”

- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Why give this chump another chance to blow it? Remember the World Championships of 2007? Hire a real coach, there is one available about 12 miles to the east.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Coach K you are a pathetic loser who has had his butt spanked regularly by Dean and Now ROY and they have taken your glamor away. You are nothing anymore. Packman loves you, but is too stupid to realize you won nothing . Labron and Kobe won it. If there was a coach in america that would have lost with that team then that in itself would have been a miracle! Crawl you tail back in you doghouse till we can stomp it again in the late fall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:23 obviously has selective memory. He can remeber 2007 but can't seem to remember the 2008 Summer Olympics. He probably doesn't remember that two Tar Heels previously tried to do something with star studded NBA talent laden teams, and they embarrassed the country. Come on now, be a little realistic.

AJ said...

Leave Coach K alone! He knows he can't win the big one at Dook anymore, so he would be silly not to coach a team that actually has athletes!

Anonymous said...

I laugh to think the children are at the posts again. I could care less about the tarholes, but this should be an interesting year for them. Maybe as they lose, they will leave Coach K alone. I doubt it, since they are the ignorants of this world.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Walmart has an awesome selection of UNC shirts and hats, boxers, car seat covers, etc! Its right next to the WWE hats and the beef jerky. I'll see you there.

Anonymous said...

Will he get greg paulus to assistant coach with wojo ?

by the way, duke will own heels this yr.

Heel4Life said...

BTW-DOOK will still hold The Heels jocks this year! Another year with no inside game and with GH gone, no scoring...another miserable year for the Dookies...hey now that T's gone you might actually win one at home!!! haaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

I guess he realized that you can't sell books getting knocked out of the NCAA tourney in the first weekend. And wasn't his exhaustion from coaching the loympic team one of the excuses for duke's poor performance this year? I guess he's willing to sacrifice duke's performance for another shot at a gold medal.

What a stand up guy.

Pete Gaudet

PantherHeels said...

You dook fans are amazing! I just noticed something. This is the only article that you d-bags have been able to blog on in months. Oh yeah there was that Paulus going to Syracuse to play QB thing. LOL Someone might want to tell him that falling down and flopping on the football will be incredibly frowned upon. Oh and he'll probably play till he is 29 only to have his job taken by a 18 year old freshman like he did this past year! Roy and the Heels own dook and will for the rest of this generation. I predict dook will slide into mediocrity much the much the way the wolfpack did in the early 90's. Deal with dookies. The Heels are National Champions and just graduated the greatest ACC player ever!!! As far as the Walmart comments, those are great. You sound like a real DUMBASS. Dook Sucks and so does there fans.
Coach K focus on your shitty team rather than lead a team that could coach itself!!

p.s. I graduated from Chapel Hill in 97' so yes, I can talk!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chapel Hill in 97',

Are you sure you graduated?

As for greatest ACC player ever...if you look at NCAA tourney stats and's my man, Laettner. He didn't score all his points by bail out flop calls from the referees.

Roy had better shoot a lot of coke commercials talking about his pathetic childhood coming off this championship, cause he won't get another one. Duke will own you guys this year, accept it.

Mr. Devil, class of 1992

Anonymous said...

You have obviously gotten into eating too much bullshit and no, I am not the man who posted before you. WHO the crap is this latner guy you are talking about? Did he play in the NBA? I sure haven't heard anything about him. Oh well, I know Tyler though, He is a household name across America and will make a name for himself in the NBA unlike 95% of most of the duke players. When I think of UNC I think of NBA championships and many of them of which Puke could not approach in the next 100 years if Carolina never put another player in the NBA. Never forget Tyler Hansbrough owns Cameron,Dean and Roy own Coach ratface, and UNC will kick your A - - worse next year than Tyler and company did this year. H - - -, the freshmen coming in will probably do it without the upperclassmen. We have a top 5 baseball team, basketball team and soon a football team. Chapel Hill is where it is at. Screw puke university!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:33,

Class act response.

I've been to chapel hill, not too impressed.

Your sports are decent, our academics, sports, and coach are much more known worldwide. A top university, don't be jealous.

Make sure you cut the sleeves out of your walmart nat'l champ shirt so you don't get too hot while you're mowing your yard.

Hansbourough will be more of a flop in the pros than he was in college and that is all he did, flop and shoot free throws.

Mr. Devil

Anonymous said...

Good lord tar-hole fans, you sure are one classy, educated bunch. The guy won a gold medal for our country, something Mr. Brown (a tar-hole) couldnt do. You dont have to like the guy, but show some respect. And calling Hanstravel the greatest player in ACC history is laughable. He wouldnt even be in the all-time top 5 from his own school!!!

MichaelProcton said...

And it wasn't just Brown who failed miserably with the national team. Before him, it was George Karl.

AJ said...

For the Dookies, and the guy that hasn't heard anything about Laettner lately, check out this link:
As for everyone that encourages us Tar Heels to shop at Wal-Mart, I believe its bc they're worried about losing their jobs there! (Don't worry, I think you're safe. I saw on CNN that Wally World is hiring 22,000 people.) Unfortunately, I am unable to support your business, as I tend to buy my Tar Heel shirts at Johnny T's or The Shrunken Head Boutique.
BTW - yes, Coach K did win the gold, with a bunch of pro All-Stars. Of course, Dean avenged the controversial loss to the Soviets in '72 with a bunch of college kids in '76!
And if you're going to trash talk, at least have the courage to put your name on it!

Anonymous said...

And if you're going to trash talk, at least have the courage to put your name on it!

Nice "AJ"

Anonymous said...

"Hire a real coach, there is one available about 12 miles to the east..."

Ummm, he was hired already...coached with UNC cohort Larry Brown for the biggest Olympics embarrassment in our country's history in '04.