Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2010: Duke will be class of the ACC

Now that we know who's coming back, and Virginia's coach, let's take a look at ACC hoops in 2009-10 with a quick-and-dirty predicted order of finish:

1. Duke: Kyle Singler, finally in his natural position, will be the best player in the league.

2. UNC: New talent that hasn't played together yet. That's the only reason the Heels are behind Duke.

3. Boston College: Guard Tyrese Rice was such a big part of that team, but the way Al Skinner's offense works, the remaining parts — with four starters back from an NCAA team — will function without Rice.

4. Georgia Tech: Talent on top of talent. Memo to Paul Hewitt: Coach the team, not the refs.

5. Florida State: Another huge loss (guard Toney Douglas) but bigs Solomon Alabi and Chris Singleton and combo guard Derwin Kitchen give the Noles a great core. (6)

6. Maryland: Gary's tweeting about his new big men. They have to be an improvement from the burlap sack and Swiffer WetJet that manned the post last year — and still made the tourney.

7. Clemson: Who's going to shoot without K.C. Rivers and Terrence Oglesby?

8. Virginia Tech: A three-man team has been reduced to a two-man team without A.D. Vassallo.

9. Virginia: New Coach Syndrome gives the Hoos hope.

10. N.C. State: The Sidney Lowe Era hits Phase 2 with his own players.

11. Wake Forest: Maybe they'll have more structure on offense with Ish Smith at the point. Maybe Al-Farouq Aminu will develop into an All-ACC player. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. With Wake you never know.

12. Miami: Not budging on this. Unlike FSU and BC, the Canes do not have the means to replace their superstar guard. And stop with the Villanova transfer (Malcolm Grant), he's not Jack McClinton.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Numbers one and two are listed in the wrong order. Other than that this list is okay.

MichaelProcton said...

Why is that? Is the "greatest team in NCAA history" destined to go undefeated again? The one that couldn't even win its own conference last year?

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be Duke and then everyone else, like it should be.

charlieboy said...

I agree with procton, they couldnt win the acc tourney. How terrible it is going to be for us tarheel fans as Duke is hanging another acc tourney banner in cameron and all we have is the lowly NCAA championship banner to hang. Sad day for tarheels everywhere.

Anonymous said...

ACC tourney title vs NCAA Championship...are u kidding me Procton?
(Not to mention Lawson didn't play in ACC tourn. due to his toe)

Anonymous said...

You mean the team that won the national title, beat Dook twice last year, and four years in a row at Cameron. Are you talking about that team?

Anonymous said...

LMAO at proct-ologist; yeah dook really showed their dominance by winning the ACC tourney against the #7, 6, and 4 seeds. All Carolina has to show for the season is the NCAA championship. Woe are the Tar Heels!!! Since Roy arrived K and dook have severely declined and you know there's not a thing dook can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Because we know that all the Tar Heels need is just to play together to be better than a team that lost just one player to the Draft as opposed to their entire starting line. Certainly Roy Williams' coaching isn't going to be what gets them there although his recruiting is phenomenal, as always. Even when the choice is obvious, you article still could not stand above a Duke bias.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there will be any dominant teams next year but the ACC will be down overall. Hopefully, someone will surprise because the NCAA tourney made all but one team look terrible.

Anonymous said...

Duke has what 3 guards? No true point guard. What is Singler’s natural position? I’ve seen reports he could be playing 2, 3 and 4. He doesn’t have an outside shot so that leaves him ineffective from the 2 or 3. They are going to have a lot of issues in the back court, not to mention the lack of overall athleticism. As far as him being the best player in the ACC, maybe you forgot about Ed Davis. To put it this way, assuming both play the 4, who would you choose first on your team? Exactly.