Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a difference a coach makes

Monday's photo-op at The White House made me think of a different UNC press conference, one more important to the health of the program but not quite as formal.

Matt Doherty's "resignation" in April 2003:

Six years ... and two national titles later:

Photo credits: N&O Ethan Hyman (top), AP (bottom)

-- J.P. Giglio


Scott S said...

Is there really a point in posting the old picture? I think it's been hashed and rehashed time and time again that the players in 2003 were dressed like most college kids their age.

Of course the 2009 team is going to dress in business attire when invited to the White House. I bet if you saw these young men on campus today they would be dressed very similiar to the group in 2003.

No wonder newspapers are closing on a daily basis if they are paying writers to put crap like this out.

Jay Kohler said...

100% with Scott there. Is your theory that the 2003 group wouldn't have dressed up for a trip to the White House?

Lets go for insight next time.