Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Has Davidson soured on "Sweet Caroline"?

Has "Sweet Caroline" turned just a bit sour?

Last year, the pep band played the old Neil Diamond song throughout Davidson's magical run to within a three-pointer of the Final Four. The song became part of the magic, with fans singing along at every venue.

Now we need to decide; has the song become part of the Wildcats' basketball tradition, or was it simply a piece of a very special time? Should it be retired and remember only as the soundtrack of that remarkable 2007-2008 season?

I bring this up because a number of fans posting on have tired of the song and want it gone. I think this is a decision to be made by the fans themselves, the true supporters who read every word about the 'Cats and attend every game they can.

Tell us what you think; keep the song in the game rotation or remove it?

-- Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

The song needs to stay. I often tell friends from other areas of the country that one of the coolest, small college gym traditions is the fans during Wildcat games singing Sweet Carolina at the half. Definitely a cool thing.

Anonymous said...

The "Sweet Caroline" Davidson "tradition" isn't as unique as you might think. The North Carolina prep band plays that song almost every basketball game, with the crowd following along in a similar sing-a-long fashion. The simple fact is Davidson will fall off the map as soon as Curry leaves, so nobody really cares...

Chris said...

To anonymous and the "Davidson fall off of the map" comment:

When you are one of the top ten Liberal Arts Colleges in the country, have educated Governors and Presidents, Authors and Artists, Doctors and Lawyers, and above all good citizens... you will never "fall off of the map." 23 Rhodes Scholars, a financial aid system free of loans, and the nation's (and perhaps world's) truest honor code will always be known and remembered.

Our dear Carolina fan is just upset that Hansbrough won't be player of the year this year, and that Steph not only has the chops for Naismith and Wooden but can also speak in complete sentences.

Yeah, Davidson will never fall off of the map. Davidson doesn't need college basketball to be on the map. It already has a far greater tradition of ACADEMIC Excellence.

Good times always roll at Davidson, they have just never seemed so good. So good. So good. Sweet Caroline, like Davidson will be relevant with or without Stephen Curry. Both are here to stay!

Anonymous said...

The "people" on is about 30 blogger-types. I dont think you can base an opinion or even write a little article based off this group of jokes. Lets get serious here.

Anonymous said...

Actually the "people" at are just devoted fans. And a quick search will show there are over 250 of these fans with 15+ comments, many of whom joined prior to Stephen. As long as fans are still singing and the team doesn't mind, why not let it ride?

Kathy J. said...

I just returned from the South Carolina/Davidson Game. I am a South Carolina fan. Congratulations to Davidson on your win. During the game,
as the South Carolina band started to play Sweet Caroline, the Davidson fan in front of me, turned and screamed at me. She told me it was tacky, that she couldn't believe it, and that we were going to loose. Then she left the arena. I didn't know what she was talking about until later in the game, when Davidson played Sweet Caroline. The Davidson fans were much more enthusiastic about the song. I have since found out that it is a very special song to Davidson, but do Davidson's fans really feel that other teams shouldn't play it, or was the woman screaming at me feeling a bit too territorial about the song?
Lots of teams claim the song. Give us a break. We do have the word CAROLINA in our name.

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