Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Curry sneaks into prominence

Since so many schools missed on Davidson's Stephen Curry, you might think they would have taken a longer look at his younger brother Seth, so that it wouldn't happen again. And yet it did.

Seth finally signed with Liberty of the Big South Conference, and is a Flames freshman. After two games, he's averaging 20.5 points.

Most teams thought Stephen was too small and slight in high school, but he grew and blossomed into an all-American guard at Davidson.

Most teams thought the same things about Seth. Not Liberty coach Ritchie McKay, who plucked him out of Charlotte Christian.

"There were a number of circumstances that played into it," McKay said. "Stephen really hadn't exploded on the national scene yet; that happened after Seth had already signed with us.

"I think people would have taken him on the reputation of his father and Stephen's success. We were the benefactor that that hadn't happened yet. And he was hurt over the summer."

McKay talked about seeing Seth Curry in the spring of 2007 and being impressed with his range. The fact that at that point he was still "165 pounds of skin and bone" likely hurt him with some teams, the coach said.

"The best thing about him was his knowledge of the game; his competitiveness. You could see some Dell Curry (his father) in Seth. I think he had the audacity to choose a smaller place over maybe a larger school, and since it had worked out for his brother, I think he was more comfortable with that."

And Seth, like his brother, added height late, and is 6-foot-3.

"I think we were just really blessed," McKay said. "His parents are two of the neatest people I've ever met in the world and I think he was really solidly grounded.

"I think it was just circumstances. Others were recruiting him, but Seth kept it kind of kept it narrow. And if you go out there and see a skinny kid who kind of has a throwback shot, you wonder, 'Can he do it?' "We were fortunate."