Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Williams: Hansbrough should be POY

It looked like the politicking was over in Virginia.

Barack Obama and John McCain had scored big presidential primary wins Tuesday night before North Carolina’s 75-74 victory over Virginia ended.

Then North Carolina coach Roy Williams sat in front of the microphone at John Paul Jones Arena and started his own campaign.

His candidate?

Tyler Hansbrough for national player of the year.

“I get tickled listening to these people talk about national player of the year,” Williams told reporters. “Guys, there can’t be anybody that gives more to college basketball than that guy.”

There is a debate brewing over whether North Carolina junior center Hansbrough or Kansas State freshman forward Michael Beasley should receive national player of the year honors.

Hansbrough is averaging 22.8 points and 10.7 rebounds, and his team is 23-2. Beasley is at 25.2 points and 12.3 rebounds per game, and his much-improved team is 17-5.

Beasley is more athletic and flashier than Hansbrough, and Williams doesn’t want that factor to decide the race.

“(Hansbrough) is not in some ways maybe a popular choice because he’s a blue-collar guy and he thrashes around in there,” Williams said. “But bottom line is, that sucker can really play. He’s been a load for a lot of people, and you can’t be a better kid.”

As with the presidential primaries, don’t be surprised if there’s a lot more campaigning before this race is decided.

– Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

"They’ve got the best marketing program in America. They’ve got eight McDonald’s All-Americans that played in that game and we’ve got three and everybody feels like they’ve got no talent."

Sorry that Roy tells it like it he sees it. Maybe he should be more manipulative, like He Who Can't Be Named.


Anonymous said...

hansborough is a MAN

Anonymous said...

What a stupid article. Of course Williams is going to advocate for Hansbrough to be POY. You might as well write 500 words telling us how water is wet.

Anonymous said...

Any analysis of the best candidates for POY, to be credible, must start with the name Steff Curry of Davidson. Steff Curry, almost by himself, has won at least three games for Davidson, while playing entirely within the Cats disciplined team oriented offense. Just a sophomore, Curry may well end up as the nation's leader scorer, and certainly will lead Div I in three point baskets.