Monday, February 18, 2008

McKillop could repeat as coach of year

Davidson coach Bob McKillop was named the Southern Conference coach of the year last season, and repeating that honor the next season is rare.

The coach of the year award is typically given to a coach of a team that surpasses expectations. McKillop earned the honor last season because Davidson - one of the most inexperienced teams in the country - ended up 17-1 in conference play and 29-5 overall.

Yet, the 57-year old coach might earn that award again if he can guide Davidson to a perfect conference record. The Southern Conference doesn't have many other coaches who are leading overachieving teams.

The top candidate from other schools might be Chattanooga's John Shulman. The Mocs were picked to finish fifth in the North Division, but Chattanooga is 11-6 in conference play. But even though McKillop's team was expected to dominate the conference, he has made subtle moves to help Davidson stay unbeaten. Davidson has won 15 straight games since Andrew Lovedale entered the lineup, and McKillop has also instituted in-game changes to help the Wildcats win. And, McKillop has to get credit for the way Davidson has to maintained the consistency to win 41 of its last 42 games against conference opponents.

-- Kevin Cary


dm said...

You'd have to figure McKillop's got a strong shot at COY if he goes 20-0 in the SoCon.

He'd be the only coach in history to derive 20 wins just in regular season league play and he did it the first year it was possible.

20-0 is an exclamation mark.