Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bobby Lutz emerges as a leading candidate for College of Charleston job

   Bobby Lutz, associate head basketball coach at N.C. State and a former coach of the Charlotte 49ers, has emerged as a leading candidate to become the College of Charleston's next coach, the Observer has learned.

   Lutz has been in discussions with the College of Charleston about its vacancy the past several days and formally interviewed for the position a second time on Friday, a source close to the process confirmed. The school fired Doug Wojcik on Aug. 5 after two investigations discovered allegations of verbal and physical abuse against the former head coach.

   Two  other candidates for the position removed their names from consideration on Wednesday.

    Lutz, 56, is set to begin his fourth season on coach Mark Gottfried’s staff at N.C. State and his third year as associate head coach. The Wolfpack advanced to its third straight NCAA tournament and ended the season with a 22-14 record. 

   Sources said the College of Charleston has also spoke to Clemson assistant Earl Grant about the position. The school expects to make a decision by the middle of next week, sources said.

   At N.C. State, Lutz is in charge of the advanced scouting and defensive game-planning. Gottfried also has given Lutz a lot of responsibility with the team’s preparation.

   The College of Charleston competes in the Colonial Athletic Association.

   - Jim Utter

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Anonymous said...

Lutz has one more year remaining on his contract extension with UNC Charlotte from 2009 and STILL GETS PAID as an assistant coach with NC STATE! #greatjobjudy!

Anonymous said...

Did Alan Major interview for the job too? We arw still trying to figure out where he has been all summer and when he is coming back....

Anonymous said...

I have been told numerous times that Lutz no longer receives payment from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Bobby just turned down the CoC and the App St job this spring BECAUSE HE IS STILL GETTING PAID BY JUDY!!

Anonymous said...

Until someone at the school addresses the issue with Bobbys continued salary to the media, I am going to go by whats in his contract. His contract said UNCC is still paying him $500k per year for the 5 year expension from 2009 unless he becomes a head coach! No wonder he turns down every head coaching job offer! This is a collosal blunder by Judy Rose and Co and should have cost someone their job!!

Anonymous said...

Contract at Charlotte is completed. The guy who said he is still being paid $500k is blowing smoke. He was paid his base pay, which was closer to $200k than

You want maybe a press conference to announce
this stuff? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Sure, Bobby interviewed for other head coaching jobs just so he could turn them down. Riiight.

Anonymous said...

Yes I want a press release - for the explicit purpose of highlighting the incompetence of Mrs. Judy Rose! Donors to the Athletic Club are investors in the program and deserve to know how their donations are allocated. I want an explaination as to why we are still paying a basketball coach that hasnt been here in 5 years and paying his replacement who hasnt been seen on campus in nearly 4 months!

Anonymous said...

I agree if we are done paying him put it in a press release. Why should I believe an anonymous poster on the internet? Lutz signed a 5 year extension when he had one year remaining in 2009 and was fired the next year. So that carries over till 2015. Laughing all the way to the bank!

Anonymous said...

"Why should I believe an anonymous poster"

said the anonymous poster. Can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Contract was made public. Black and white. Min $1,000,000 flushed down the drain. #thanksjudy

Anonymous said...

That Judy Rose is an idiot for sure. She should have
known that as soon as Lutz got his extension, he'd not bother to recruit or teach defense. I mean really, what was she thinking to trust that guy?
Of course, some of the same smart guys posting here
would have known better. Aint Monday morning
quarterbacking fun?

Anonymous said...

I am just a regular basketball fan and was wondering why was Lutz, who seemed more qualify then other coaches interviewing with College of Charleston, was turning yet another job down. Well, now I know. he got a sweet deal from UNCC. Can't blame him.

Anonymous said...

Yea, he just enjoys interviewing so he can turn down jobs. That makes sense.
I hear he's running for elective office so he can
turn down that, too.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't heard about this recent development. Did he get the job?

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