Monday, September 10, 2012

2012-13 schedule analysis: N.C. State Wolfpack hoops

Nonconference: Miami (Ohio), Penn State, Providence or UMass, UNC-Asheville, at Michigan, Connecticut, Cleveland State, Norfolk State, Stanford, St. Bonaventure, Western Michigan, UNC-Greensboro

ACC home-and-away: UNC, Duke, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest, Florida State

ACC home only: Virginia Tech, Miami

ACC road only: Maryland, Virginia

Highlights: The nonconference matchups with Michigan (Nov. 27) and UConn (Dec. 4), and the ACC games against UNC at home (Jan. 26) for ESPN's GameDay, and at Duke (Feb. 7).

Lowlights: The ACC wheel spun and landed again on two games each with Georgia Tech and Boston College.

Bottom line: N.C. State made the NCAA tournament last season on the strength of its nonconference schedule. There won't be as many big games outside the ACC this season, but the schedule is loaded with RPI-helpers and experienced tournament teams.

The ACC schedule will be tougher, with two games each against Duke and FSU (after only one last season) but it's also spread out more evenly.

Last year, N.C. State went through lulls with seemingly meaningless games (BC-GT-Wake) and then had a Duke-FSU-UNC stretch. This year, the games that will be of interest — Duke, UNC, FSU — have more space to them which should add up to a better rhythm to the season.

2012-13 schedule

Nov. 9    Miami (Ohio)
Nov. 15    x-Penn State
Nov. 16    x-Providence/UMass
Nov. 18    x-San Juan Tip-Off
Nov. 23    UNC-Asheville
Nov. 27    @ Michigan
Dec. 4    y-UConn
Dec. 8    z-Cleveland State
Dec. 15     Norfolk State
Dec. 18    Stanford
Dec. 22    St. Bonaventure
Dec. 29    Western Michigan
Dec. 31    UNC-Greensboro
Jan. 5    @ Boston College
Jan. 9    Georgia Tech
Jan. 12    Duke
Jan. 16    @ Maryland
Jan. 20    Clemson
Jan. 22    @ Wake Forest
Jan. 26    UNC
Jan. 29    @ Virginia
Fe. 2    Miami
Feb. 7    @ Duke
Fe. 10    @ Clemson
Feb. 16    Virginia Tech
Feb. 19    Florida State
Fe. 23    @ UNC
Feb. 27    Boston College
March 3    @ Atlanta
March 6     Wake Forest
March 9    @ Florida State

Notes: x-Puerto Rico Tip-Off, San Juan, Puerto Rico; y-Madison Square Garden, New York; z-Reynolds Coliseum


Host PPH said...

I think that it would be very difficult to visit Boston College and Florida State in my opinion, they have pretty good teams