Monday, February 14, 2011

ACC football schedule released

The composite ACC football schedule, as released by the league today:

Thursday, September 1st

Western Carolina @ Georgia Tech

Saturday, September 3rd

Northwestern @ Boston College

Troy @ Clemson

Richmond @ Duke

Louisiana‐Monroe @ Florida State

James Madison @ North Carolina

Liberty @ NC State

William & Mary @ Virginia

Appalachian State @ Virginia Tech

Wake Forest @ Syracuse

Monday, September 5th

Miami @ Maryland, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, September 10th

Boston College @ UCF

Wofford @ Clemson

Stanford @ Duke

Charleston Southern @ Florida State

Georgia Tech @ Middle Tennessee

Rutgers @ North Carolina

NC State @ Wake Forest

Virginia @ Indiana

Virginia Tech @ East Carolina

Saturday, September 17th

Duke @ Boston College

Auburn @ Clemson

Oklahoma @ Florida State

Kansas @ Georgia Tech

West Virginia @ Maryland

Ohio State @ Miami

Virginia @ North Carolina

South Alabama @ NC State

Arkansas State @ Virginia Tech

Gardner- Webb @ Wake Forest

Thursday, September 22nd

NC State @ Cincinnati, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, September 24th

Massachusetts @ Boston College

Florida State @ Clemson

Tulane @ Duke

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech

Temple @ Maryland

Kansas State @ Miami

Southern Mississippi @ Virginia

Virginia Tech @ Marshall

Saturday, October 1st

Wake Forest @ Boston College

Clemson @ Virginia Tech

Duke @ FIU

Georgia Tech @ NC State

Towson @ Maryland

Bethune‐Cookman @ Miami

North Carolina @ East Carolina

Idaho @ Virginia

Saturday, October 8th

Boston College @ Clemson

Florida State @ Wake Forest

Maryland @ Georgia Tech

Miami @ Virginia Tech

Louisville @ North Carolina

Central Michigan @ NC State

Saturday, October 15th

Clemson @ Maryland

Florida State @ Duke

Georgia Tech @ Virginia

Miami @ North Carolina

Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest

Saturday, October 22nd

Boston College @ Virginia Tech

North Carolina @ Clemson

Wake Forest @ Duke

Maryland @ Florida State

Georgia Tech @ Miami

NC State @ Virginia

Thursday, October 27th

Virginia @ Miami, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, October 29th

Boston College @ Maryland

Clemson @ Georgia Tech

Virginia Tech @ Duke

NC State @ Florida State

Wake Forest @ North Carolina

Thursday, November 3rd

Florida State @ Boston College, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, November 5th

Duke @ Miami

Virginia @ Maryland

North Carolina @ NC State

Notre Dame @ Wake Forest

Thursday, November 10th

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, November 12th

NC State @ Boston College

Wake Forest @ Clemson

Duke @ Virginia

Miami @ Florida State

Notre Dame vs. Maryland  (FedEx Field; Landover, MD)

Thursday, November 17th

North Carolina @ Virginia Tech, ESPN, 8 pm

Saturday, November 19th

Boston College @ Notre Dame

Clemson @ NC State

Georgia Tech @ Duke

Virginia @ Florida State

Maryland @ Wake Forest

Miami @ South Florida

Saturday, November 26th

Boston College @ Miami

Clemson @ South Carolina

Duke @ North Carolina

Florida State @ Florida

Georgia @ Georgia Tech

Maryland @ NC State

Virginia Tech @ Virginia

Vanderbilt @ Wake Forest

Saturday, December 3rd

Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game,  Bank of America Stadium‐ Charlotte, NC


Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it but I didn't see any big name out of conference games execpt for Auburn at Clemson. I wasn't counting the normal UGA/GT, Uf/FSU, and clemson/SC to end the year which are always played. I guess the ACC is continuing it's downward slide in football.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame coming to Winston-Salem is pretty big, even if the game is a blowout.

Anonymous said...

Then yeah you missed it unless you also weren't counting Ohio St., Oklahoma, Stanford, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Kansas St. either.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have selective reading because that very same day as Auburn @ Clemson, are four other really good non-conference games.

Oklahoma @ Florida State
Kansas @ Georgia Tech
West Virginia @ Maryland
Ohio State @ Miami

I can't remeber a day like this in the ACC and they are all at home. Wow. I will definitely be on the couch that day.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma @ FSU
Ohio St @ Miami
Stanford @ Duke

Unknown said...

Clemson plays one SEC team besides USC and suddenly it becomes "one of its most difficult schedules in history". What a joke of a program.

Anonymous said...

Those games are listed right above your comment... you must be an SEC fan

Anonymous said...


who one here said Clemson had a schedule that was one of the hardest in history?

Anonymous said...

As always,UNCheat plays NOBODY in nonconference. JM,Rutgers,E.Carolina and!! That will give the tarholes national exposure!! Seeing that those 4 gimme's should be 4 of your 7 wins,nobody wants to hear your crying when you are not ranked,even if you are 5-0 to start.The justice of it all is UNCheat will still finish a mediocre 7-5.Cupcake U. wearing the bleached blue plays NO ONE in cheatball and hoops year in and year out.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Another Cupcake Conference can do better than 4 and 5 on Sept. 3rd.

Anonymous said...

If the ACC can't go at least 8-1 on Sept 3rd, they should cancel the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

UNC and Swofford at it again making sure they get the easiest schedule possible. When is the rest of the ACC going to come together and tell UNC enough is enough.

Scott said...

"Maybe I missed it but I didn't see any big name out of conference games execpt for Auburn at Clemson. I wasn't counting the normal UGA/GT, Uf/FSU, and clemson/SC to end the year which are always played. I guess the ACC is continuing it's downward slide in football."

-The winner of every BCS bowl game this past year except TCU plays the ACC out of conference. Some other no names like West Virginia, Notre Dame (3 times) but no your right the ACC isn't playing anyone out of conference.

Chop Chop said...

UNC playing UT was bought out, right? They filled with James Madison, right? I may be wrong. The conference can improve by going .500 in the big games. Should be a good year!

Anonymous said...

@ the state fan at 4:03PM, your out of conference schedule is much worse! Liberty, South Alabama, Cincy, and Central Michigan are all terrible.

Anonymous said...

You ABC'ers are pathetic. UNC has played one of the most difficult non-conference schedules in the ACC for the last three years. They had Tennessee (who used to be good when they scheduled them) on the schedule until they bailed last fall. Do your research before you start throwing daggers.

Dragon said...

Georgia Tech could run the table. This is a cake schedule, with all big games at home.

Dragon said...

Georgia Tech will run the table if they can beat VT and UGA at home. Easy schedule, great offense which has outgained uga and VT 5 of 6 games. Paul Johnson has to get his kicking game together to win

Anonymous said...

Eh, not sure if Chapel Hill has played one one the most difficult schedules in the ACC the last three years, but isn't that a little like claiming to be one of the tallest dwarves?

Anonymous said...

Yes, UNC's annual battles with Rutgers, James Madison, E Carolina, and William & Mary always hold me on the edge of my seat.