Friday, December 10, 2010

Duke's Irving now in hard cast

Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving had his right foot placed in a hard cast today, coach Mike Krzyzewski announced in a prepared statement. Irving, who injured his right big toe last Saturday against Butler, remains out indefinitely; there is no timetable for his return.

The Duke medical staff elected to immobilize the foot during this stage of the player's recovery process to completely rest the area and allow for optimal healing, according to the news release.

Irving ranks among the nation's freshman at 17.4 points per game. He was named most valuable player of the CBE Classic after a win over No. 4 Kansas State, and scored 31 points in a victory over sixth-ranked Michigan State last week.

The top-ranked Blue Devils play Saint Louis on Saturday.

-- Robbi Pickeral


homejoy said...

Too bad for Irving (he is obviously the reald deal), but this team wins it all even without him. They are too deep across the board and their McDonald's All-Americans don't seem to lose their game when they come to college (see UNC for further explanation...)

Anonymous said...

Where did all the tarholes go? It seems they were lighting up the observer's boards and talk forums last year and at the beginning of this year,but now all i hear are crickets chirping lol.I think without irving,mich st and kan st will be a tough rematch in the finals,with ohio st looming.With kyrie,duke repeats easily.I hope seth curry is as good as his brother cuz we will need him if kyrie doesn't come back.I'm sure kyrie is nba bound after this year regardless.GO DUKE !!

Anonymous said...

Too bad for Kyrie and Duke. They went from prohibitive favorites to "also placing". You are kidding yourself if you think Duke is still the best team out there (assuming you felt that way). Without Irving, Duke is good, but definitely NOT elite 8 good. One thing is true, jump shooters do miss shots. All the guards have cloaked the issue of a thin front court. So far, all I've seen are the Plumlees and Kelly. Hairston may help, but I think the front court is too thin to make a serious run without Irving. The hard cast indicates, K wants to bring Irving back, but I have a feeling that Mr. Irving would much rather have the injury surgically repaired in preparation for the NBA. It would be foolish to risk it all by rejoining Duke. I could be wrong, but I've seen 4 or 5 teams that can beat Duke.

Anonymous said...

Irving's fine and will be back. This is a motivational tactic by K to keep his team from being complacent. Kyrie being out will wake Singler up from his slow start and force Nolan to improvise at point...then Kyrie will come back in Feb. and this team will take off.