Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indianapolis Star apologizes to Krzyzewski

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Star printed a front page apology to Duke University, coach Mike Krzyzewski, and to its readers for an inappropriate photo illustration of the coach that appeared in about 30,000 copies of the paper on Friday.

In a column on page A10 further explaining the situation, Star editor Dennis Ryerson said "I met with a very gracious Coach Krzyzewski and others from the university Friday afternoon, and, on behalf of The Star, apologized for the error. I also apologize to Duke, the team, Duke fans, and to our readers."

On a photo of coach Mike Krzyzewski, the illustrator drew in blue ink sketch that included a forehead target, horns, glasses, moles and a mustache. “LOSE!” is inked in seven time around his neck tie. The story's headline read “Despising Duke” and "Duke" was bracketed in ink with the words “It’s No Good.”

The Star, which was trying to poke fun at the dislike of the Duke program, pulled the illustration around midnight.

Before the apology, Krzyzewski clearly wasn't pleased.

“I did see that, and first thing, I thought ‘that can’t be.’ How could a newspaper do that?” Krzyzewski said Friday. “I thought somebody doodled – actually, I thought I looked better. But it was kind of juvenile – not kind of, it was juvenile. My seven grandkids didn’t enjoy looking at it – ‘that’s not Poppy.’ So it is what it is. It’s very juvenile.

“We’ve got great kids that go to school, they graduate. If we’re going to be despised or hated by anybody because we go to school and we want to win, you know what? That’s your problem. Because we’re going to go to school and keep trying to win. You don’t like it? Keep drawing pictures."

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everyobe ought to hate rat face and his team...go west virginia

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Looks like they made a genuine effort to make it right.

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"everyobe", obviously a Carolina fan.