Friday, December 4, 2009

Williams says he was taken out of context

At a Friday press conference, North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams said his words were taken out of context by members of the media.

After Tuesday's 89-82 win over Michigan State, Williams was asked about Spartans forward Delvon Roe.

Williams called Roe a "great kid, a wonderful kid that we tried very, very hard to recruit."

Williams was questioned about mentioning Roe in his recently-released autobiography and said, "No. I've got some people that I said a heck of a lot [more] bad things about; I didn't say anything bad about Delvon. I said that we thought we were going to get him, and we didn't get him. I said he's a great player. If there's any fallout from that, then people are looking for it."

Williams also said, "He told me he was coming. He didn't come. I've looked every day at practice, and I haven't seen him yet."

In Michigan, two pieces were published on the topic after Tuesday's game: this column in The Detroit News and this story in The Grand Rapids Press.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo fired back at Williams in The Grand Rapids Press in this story, which was published Thursday.

Izzo told the paper Williams "picked on the wrong kid," and "he picked the wrong program," among other things.

So at Friday's press conference, Williams fired back at the reporter whose questions initiated the above stories. That reporter is apparently a radio broadcaster from Michigan and was not in attendance Friday.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tom [Izzo]," Williams told reporters. "And that young man that sat right there, he had his own story made up before I said anything. And that's the problem I have. ... He had his mind made up, because you guys were here, I said great kid, great family. You guys remember me saying that. And one thing I said was, don't try to make something out of something that's not there. And that kid had his mind made up so he got what he wanted. That's fine.

"One person tried to make something out of something that's not there. Bottom line is, that's not right. But I'm a big boy. I know that kind of stuff happens."

-- Javier Serna


Anonymous said...

I read the full quote after reading the article and Roy definitely was taken out of context. Once again, media is allowed to do and say what they please with no fear of retribution.
It’s a shame the Charlotte Observer linked the article and added a comment implying Roy was again “attacking” Roe, when in fact he was complementary of him and was explaining his previous comments due to a question he received.
This is sloppy on the Charlotte Observer’s part, along with anyone else that did not put it into context before spreading it.

Anonymous said...

This is what the Observer does. It tries to make up "news" so they can report on it. Is it a coincidence that they put that pic on this story? The observer is right up there with the Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

Screw the whole Michigan Media. One day MAYBE, they can write about a Michigan win, until the the Wolverines should just be quiet....oh, it is that other Michigan school, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Haha. You guys are funny. Yes, the quote was taken out of context, but it is still a real quote. No matter what was taken out of context, Roy took a shot at Roe in his book and is being very petty about the situation. Take your baby blue glasses off and realize that Roy is being a big baby.

agFinder said...

The observer is always looking for ways to tear down UNC hoops. Definitely an 'ABC' (anybody but Carolina) attitude, as is evidenced by the pic chosen for the article.

Anonymous said...

Are you people serious? I haven't read a paper that babies UNC anymore than the Observer.

Anonymous said...

I had more respect for Roy when he called out the kid. He said what he said and how is that taken out of context? If he coached anywhere else but UNC CH he would be villified by Roy and the rest of you Baby Blue lovers.

Bottom line is someone had the guts to call him out and he backed down. Just like any other bully...but but that's not what I meant...gimme a break.