Sunday, October 25, 2009

Krzyzewski: New rule will become 'a joke'

GREENSBORO - Count Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski among the objectors to the new rule that specifies an unmarked zone under the basket where referees will call only blocks, not charges, on offensive players.

"It'll be a joke, because it will become a joke," Krzyzewski said at the ACC's Operation Basketball media event Sunday afternoon.

Krzyzewski agrees with the intent of the rule, because he believes players shouldn't be called for charging underneath the basket. But he said the no-charging zone - which extends from the backboard to the front of the rim - should be marked on the floor.

"It probably hasn't been taken to the step it should be taken to," Krzyzewski said. "If you can imagine it, you should do it."

Other critics of the rule have argued that without markings on the floor, referees will be forced to estimate whether players were in the no-charge zone at the time of contact.

"There are absolutes, and that's why boundaries are used (in sports)," Krzyzewski said. "You shouldn't approximate the distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate."

-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Yep, I guess Coach K is going to have to figure out a new way to play D. It'll be funny to see how many Duke players will flop on the floor before they catch on.

Anonymous said...

How do you call a block on an offensive player?

More brilliant writing from the Observer.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone hates on K and Duke for their "flopping", but you have to admit he does have a point here. Not having the zone under the basket marked is only going to lead to more controversy and put the refs in a difficult position when making that judgement call.

John Thacker said...

Ah, some Duke haters are just idiots.

If you think that the refs are biased in favor of the other team (say Duke), then you absolutely agree with Coach K here and want it to be marked on the floor. Not having it marked on the floor makes it much easier for refs to be biased and call it differently on the two teams.

That Coach K is calling for it to be marked indicates that he doesn't believe that the refs are biased in favor of Duke.

That all the Carolina fans disagree and want it to remain unmarked just shows that the remarks about Carolina refs are still true. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just watch the YouTube Miami-UNC game last year in Chapel Hill.

Most UNC-biased, ridiculous non-calls on goaltends, out-of-bounds, hard fouls you'll ever see.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the "jump-ball" bulls*** vs. Va Tech in the ACC Tourney.

Carolina gets all the calls.

Anonymous said...

While I absolutely hate Duke (being a UConn student/fan).. I've gotta say Coach K is right on this one. I don't really disagree with the rule itself, but I agree with Coach K on his assessment of the rule. IF you are going to implement a totally new game-changing rule such as this, then you MUST at least mark the zone where this rule applies on the floor. You cannot CHANGE the game so drastically with a rule like this and then leave it to the ref's discretion on when it will apply or not.

Again, though this rule DRASTICALLY changes the game of basketball.. I do not really disagree with it. I disagree with the incredible lack of intelligence in implementing it. How can you leave so much discretion in the referee's hands.. who already suck at their job without this type of discretion?

ROY>RAT said...

So would the nut-in-face job that Paulus took from Green be a no call???? Dook fans????

Anonymous said...

I think it should be marked. But just so we're clear on the referee favoritism:

Anonymous said...

Love how UConn fans hate "Dook" still. Duke could care less that we broke your hearts in 1991 haha.

Not our rivals. Ask Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Carolina gets all the calls.