Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FIU in opener after all for Tar Heels

In what comes as no huge surprise, Florida International has decided it will play North Carolina on Nov. 9 in the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament, according to the Associated Press, as previously scheduled.

The Golden Panthers raised a ruckus last week when the schedule was announced, saying they wanted to play Ohio State in the opening round of the event and were angered that the event's organizer, The Gazelle Group, had switched games. FIU got its legal department involved, and even threatened to pull out.

Such a decision would have been costly, though, considering that after its opening games, FIU was set to host three home games in the tournament. The NCAA allows tourneys like this one to count four games as two in the overall “games-played” tally. So if FIU had pulled out, it not only faced legal ramifications for breaking a contract, but the prospect of losing revenue by only being able to play two games in place of the tournament – if it even could have found opponents.

FIU, which held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to announce its decision, signed the tournament contract before it hired new coach Isiah Thomas.

UNC spokesman Steve Kirschner said in an e-mail, "We're glad the matter is resolved and look forward to the start of the season."

-- Robbi Pickeral


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