Monday, August 10, 2009

Q&A with Pete Strickland

The Wolfpack Club held its annual Wake County golf outing Monday at N.C. State's new Lonnie Poole Course. Here's what N.C. State assistant basketball coach Pete Strickland had to say as he walked off the 12th green:

Q: Tell me what you think of this course.
A: That’s kind of the thing that strikes me the most, is, it’s kind of ours. Which is kind of neat. Even when you’re fixing ball marks, you’re like, absolutely, let’s make sure this one’s right. There’s just a sense of ownership even though I’m just on the staff here, that makes you proud.

Q: Is there anybody among your guys that stands out this summer as helping himselfA: We can’t watch them, so we’re only going on hearsay. . . .Apparently (C.J. Williams) had a great weekend in the pro-am (run by Jerry Stackhouse). We can’t really go there, but what we’ve heard is he’s had a great summer.

Q: What does that mean for you?
A: Particularly when you have it from a guy who’s coming back, that’s kind of the leadership you need. He’s kind of at the front of the class saying, “Let’s go.” That’s the example work ethic wise that you’re looking for your returning guys to set. Dennis (Horner), I think has had a really good summer. So I think a lot of our returnees have had a signature summer, and that really bodes well.

Our first meeting with our guys before summer school, Coach Lowe was talking to the team. He gave our new guys some basics that any coach gives. Sit in front of the class, thinks like that, you’re not going to miss class. Afterward C.J. went up to the freshmen and poked his head in between DeShawn (Painter) and Richard (Howell) and said, “You really need to sit in front of the class." I almost had to do a double take. . . .He meant it so sincerely. So that’s the kind of leadership I think we’re getting from him and Johnny (Thomas) and Dennis and Julius (Mays). That’s the kind of leadership you need if you’re going to be the program we’re going to be.

Q: Dennis is going to be a senior. What have you seen from him?
A: A really directed summer. He had some things he needed to get after academically that he did, as anybody would going into their senior year getting ready to graduate. And he attacked it with all teeth bared. So we were really pleased with his attention to academics this summer, and he got in the gym as much as he possibly could. You saw him being more attentive and more pointed about what he needed to do.

Q: You’ve mentioned academics twice in this conversation. How proud are you of N.C. State’s APR (which led the ACC) and the academic things going on in the program?
A: It’s a little bit like this (golf) course. We’ve got just a real bit piece of that ownership. Our academic support program is second to none. . . .It’s just really a reflection of the system N.C. State has in place, and that’s not false humility, either. Those guys get it done on a day-in, day-out basis, and our guys are attentive to them.

Ken Tysiac


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Sidney Lowe is taking this program to new lowes.

poor wolfpack fans.

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Love Sidney Lowe and the Wolfpack!