Monday, July 7, 2008

Pack recruit figures to grow into role

Joe Goydish admits he is biased when he says N.C. State’s coaches made an excellent early evaluation of point guard Ryan Harrow.

A point guard who will be a high school junior next season, Harrow committed to N.C. State last week. Harrow has transferred from Concord Cannon and plans to play next season for Goydish at Walton High in Marietta, Ga.

“They got a gem before people realize he’s a gem,” Goydish said of N.C. State. “I think he could be a top-25 kid” in his class.

Goydish said Harrow has been a bit under the radar because he carries only about 150 pounds on his 5-foot-11 frame and looks like a ninth-grader because he is so thin. But Harrow wears a size 13 1/2 shoe, and Goydish anticipates he will be 6-2 or 6-3 by the time he enters college.

Harrow is an honor student and was impressed with Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe and assistant Monte Towe while attending camp in Raleigh. Goydish would have preferred for Harrow to explore all his options instead of committing so early, but said Harrow always has wanted to attend N.C. State and didn’t want to wait.

His commitment could help as the Wolfpack attempts to secure another top Georgia guard, 6-4 Lorenzo Brown of Centennial High in Roswell. Brown is rated 29th on’s list of rising seniors, and Goydish said Brown and Harrow are like brothers.

Even if Brown goes elsewhere, though, Goydish said N.C. State will be pleased with Harrow’s quickness, scoring and passing.

“His ceiling is so high,” Goydish said. “The thing about Ryan is, he just does so many things, it makes your jaw drop.” – Ken Tysiac