Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green declaring for NBA draft makes no sense

Junior forward Danny Green has always had an uncanny knack for making North Carolina coach Roy Williams’ hair stand on end.

The last time we saw them together on the basketball court, Williams was furious with Green for a lane violation against Kansas in the NCAA semifinals.

Williams accepts Green’s lack of judgment because his pure ability can spark North Carolina, as it did in comebacks against Kansas and Clemson, and in a win at Duke.

But now Green has made a questionable decision by entering the NBA draft without hiring an agent. If he withdraws from the draft by June 16 and doesn’t sign with an agent, he can return to school. He joins sophomore guards Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington, who also aren’t hiring an agent, as an early entry from the Tar Heels.

That move makes some sense for Lawson and Ellington, who appear to have a shot at being first-round picks. Green does not, especially in a draft as strong as this one. There’s probably no harm in him attending the predraft camp if he’s invited, and working out for NBA teams.

But he isn’t likely to benefit, either. Green ought to stay in school, get his degree and enter next year’s draft when the competition will be weaker. When he tests the waters against the talent in this draft, he’s likely to get soaked.

– Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that Green is getting bad advice from his father on this. I can't imagine why he would declare for the draft without talking to Coach Williams first. I saw that Williams said that he was contacted by "Danny and his father" and informed of Green's decision.
I seriously doubt that he will be drafted at all if he stays in, and see no way he would be a first rounder. Maybe he's worried that if Ellington and Lawson don't come back, he will be stuck on a team without the tools to make a run deep in the tourney, which might hurt his stock next year. But entering now is a definite mistake.
Can anyone say "Joseph Forte"? And Forte was a helluva better NBA prospect than Green is, but I see the same ending point for each of them. No NBA next year, and lucky to be playing in the D league.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps no one read the article about how NBA teams are now allowed to pay for prospects to come for tryouts without endangering the player's eligibility. There is nothing lost by declaring and testing the waters to show teams your skills and to get an assessment.

Anonymous said...

Hansbrough's peaked. The 23-year old (23 and still a junior in school!!) manchild is not going to get any better and neither is Carolina having lost nearly every relevant alternative scorer. 24 wins next year, probably split with Doook again.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a good move. I believe that every player entering their senior year should declare for the draft as long as they don't hire an agent. The worst that can happen is the player receives an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses and then they withdraw, go back to school knowing what it will take to be drafted after their senior season.
There is no harm with that.

Anonymous said...

Hansbrough is 22, not 23.

And I think Green entering makes plenty of sense. Everyone knows that Tyler is gone after next year so they will probably leave with him. Why not go through the process and know what to expect and what aspects of your game NBA clubs want you to work on for next year?

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Anonymous said...

You are right, it makes no sense for Green to enter the draft and quite frankly Wayne Ellington either. But are we seeing the wave of the future, enter the draft, dont sign an agent, get some experience working out for NBA teams, then return to school where you belong. When you think about it, not a bad plan. But it will be a ticket straight to the NBDL if they stay in.

Anonymous said...

THEY ARE NOT COMING BACK. Since Roy's been at UNC, no Carolina players have "tested the waters" and returned to school.

Face reality. THEY ARE GONE. Lawson and Ellington in the first round, and Green in the second.

Anonymous said...

Green you are wrong. Danny Green is a better prospect than Ellington and would have started if Roy had the coaching ability that he is credited with having. Green was the most complete player in the rotation, inside, outside, ball handler, very good defender. Those are traits that are valuable to NBA teams. One more prediction. Green will be a first round selection. Roy's players are jumping ship because he plays favorites. Yeah, Tyler is good, but Roy had better learn the names of the other good players on the roster and use them more often. The flood gate opened last year with Brendan Wright and it's not closing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Ken, while your pretty much correct here (although i think green is a better pro prospect than ellington), nothing you say about duke or unc is valid since your loyalty to the light, girly blue is so obvious from anyone who reads your articles from the past or can read the undertones in your Duke clips