Friday, December 21, 2007

Davidson still lacks name recognition

Davidson played a tough nonconference schedule this season to try to get better name recognition.

Yet, the names of the Davidson starting lineup haven't caught on with opposing teams and some media members.

N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe drove home that point Thursday, when he repeatedly referred to point guard Jason Richards as Jason "Richardson." But Richards isn't the only Wildcat to have his name garbled this season. Forward Boris Meno's last name (pronounced "MEN-o") is often said as "ME-no." Forward Thomas Sander has been called Thomas "Sanders" in telecasts, and guard Stephen (STEFF-in) Curry might have most flubbed name on the team.

Curry was called "Steven Curry" by the Appalachian State public address announcer, and other broadcasters have also called him "Stef-FON" during ESPN highlights. Yet, the only Wildcat starter to not have his name bungled has the longest moniker: Max Paulhus Gosselin.

The Davidson SID office provides a pronounciation guide before each game. Maybe one day, media and coaches will remember to read it.

- Kevin Cary