Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Davidson-Winthrop in BracketBuster game?

Davidson will have another chance to showcase itself when the Wildcats play in the ESPN BracketBuster event Feb. 23.

The Wildcats won't know their opponent until February, but Davidson is already slotted to be a road team in the game. ESPN has already released all the home teams and road teams for the event, so Davidson could play at teams such as Southern Illinois, Old Dominion and Butler.

There's also another enticing possibility: Winthrop.

The Eagles are scheduled to be a home team in the event, and that could finally get the two local rivals on the court together, something that hasn't happened since 1992.

That matchup will certainly depend on how each team is doing. If Davidson and Winthrop can repeat last season's success, don't be surprised if the two schools end up renewing their rivalry in Rock Hill.

-- Kevin Cary


WB said...

An interesting possibility....

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that Winthrop would be so down that the matchup wouldn't be that high-profile by the time February rolls around. We'll have to see what happens in Rock Hill post-Marshall.

Anonymous said...

not only post-Marshall but post-Torrell Martin and Craig Bradshaw. Those two carried Winthrop for the last few years and it will be a tough transition for the team without them and with a new coach. But I imagine they will dedicate their season to DeAndre Adams and maybe that will motivate them to win the Big South again.

Anonymous said...

Winthrop will be better than Davidson again, as they have been for the past 8-9 years. It will depend on if Davidson can win and get their RPI up.