Friday, May 25, 2012

Kendall Marshall, nearly recovered from broken wrist, also suffered elbow fracture

Former North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall is training for the NBA draft at the IMG Basketball Academy in Florida, and he has some good news: He has nearly fully recovered from the broken wrist he suffered during the Tar Heels’ victory against Creighton in the NCAA tournament.
In an interview posted on the academy’s website earlier today, Marshall said, “My wrist is almost 100 percent.”

And then came this revelation: “What people didn’t know is that I also fractured my elbow. That’s been the toughest thing for me to deal with, still not being able to go full contact. Hopefully, I’ll be ready to go by the [NBA scouting] combine.”

You can read the full interview right here on the IMG site.

Among other things of interest, Marshall said he began to think about his professional career when people started asking him at the end of his freshman season whether he was considering leaving. The thought of leaving early for the NBA had never occurred to Marshall before then, he said.
Marshall, who has a large following on Twitter (@kbutter5), also spoke of some of the social-media hate that he sometimes receives.

He said:

“In season, I get anywhere from 15-25 Tweets per day of just pure recklessness. Keeping it PG, it’s stuff like, ‘You suck,’ and, ‘You can’t shoot.’ Now, it’s, ‘You’re overrated,’ and, ‘You’re not going to get drafted high.’ Even some Carolina fans come at me sideways now because I left school early. Maybe one every couple days I’ll give them a sarcastic response.

“You have to be able to laugh because these people don’t understand that you’re human and not on a pedestal.”


Anonymous said...

So it is now official that Roy Williams is a lying sack. Sat there telling everyone Marshall may play when there was 0% chance that was possible.

Anonymous said...

The only thing official is that YOU are a COMPLETE MORON! Roy made it clear that he was only saying that based off of what Kendall Marshall was telling HIM. If Marshall thought he could have played through the pain at the time then how does that make Roy Williams a lying sack?
How about this...your mother should have swallowed you when she had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Roy was going completely by what Marshall was telling him because, you know, they have no team doctors in Chapel Hill. I can't blame him for trying to keep Marshall's status hidden from Kansas, but he's lying if he still maintains he didn't know.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Marshall's calling out the UNC fans. He now knows how two-faced and bitter Tarcheat Nation is!!!

Anonymous said...

2 lessons gleamed from this article:

1. Roy blindly hoped and speculated that Marshall would be back because Kansas owns him...knew that

2. According to Kendall Marshall, Tarheel fans are resentful haters....duuuuuhh. Any fanbase that is insecure enough to write an book titled "Duke Sucks" has some serious jealousy/hate issues.

Anonymous said...

Basketball team falls way short of high team bounced from NCAAs early (at home) football next year...cheating and academic fraud run amok...

Hard knocks at the Hole!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, random loser posts 6 posts about Tar Heels; who is insecure again? Go suck on Luke's DeCock!