Monday, November 14, 2011

Krzyzewski: Penn State scandal 'the worst thing'

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said today that he believes the Penn State sex abuse scandal was “the worst thing,” and that those who question coach Joe Paterno’s failure to act should remember that how social issues are handled has changed dramatically in Paterno’s lifetime.

“One thing you have to understand is that Coach Paterno is 84 years old,” Krzyzewski said. “I’m not saying that for an excuse or whatever. The cultures that he’s been involved in both football wise and socially have been [through] immense changes. And how social issues are handled in those generations are quite different. Quite different. And I think that has something to do with the situation.”

Paterno was fired last week after allegations of sexual abuse of young boys were brought against one of Penn State’s longtime former assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky. According to reports, Paterno was told about an incident regarding Sandusky and reported it to his superiors at Penn State but didn’t contact police.

In June, before news of the scandal surfaced, Krzyzewski appeared with Paterno in a forum on coaching, ethics and other issues that was taped and later broadcast on ESPN. Krzyzewski was asked about Paterno today at a news conference today scheduled to discuss Duke’s game Tuesday with Michigan State as Krzyzewski needs one win to break Bob Knight’s Division I career record of 902.

Paterno is “a great man, and it’s a horrific situation,” Krzyzewski said. Social issues, Krzyzewski said, are handled differently now than in the past.

“Thank goodness,” Krzyzewski said. “Thank goodness. But as we judge, remember that there’s just a lot there.”

Krzyzewski said he doesn’t know how the sexual abuse case ultimately will affect Paterno’s legacy.

“You don’t have control, except through your actions, on how people report those actions,” Krzyzewski said. “I don’t know how it will all turn out, but that’s part of being at a high level. Especially when you’re involved in an educational institution, you’re going to be judged differently than you would be if you were a pro coach or whatever. It’s just different. And really it’s the way it should be.”

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Coach K backing Paterno just like he backed the lacrosse team. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Joe Pa is catholic right? they have been turning their back on this issue for decades. sadly, nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

If that kid in the shower had been Paterno's grandson, Coach K would not need to make excuses for Paterno's failure to act. Sandusky would have been put behind bars right away. I don't doubt Paterno has done many good things for young men, but he failed many young boys when he turned his head to Sandusky's perversion. I can no longer refer to Paterno as JoPa. No Pa of mine would sweep child rape under the rug! My Dad is 88 and he would have punched the pervert in the face. Stop making excues K!

Anonymous said...

You whiners really trying to throw stones at the greatest living coach in sports' opinion?

And you're damn right he backed the lacrosse team...he's not Nancy Grace or some other liberal extremist professor. Innocent till proven innocent.

Anonymous said...

"If that kid in the shower had been Paterno's grandson"

Stick to the facts you ignorant redneck

"Joe Pa is catholic right? they have been turning their back on this issue for decades. sadly, nothing new here"

What is your IQ? This is not the priesthood and PSU is not a catholic school and oh yea, Sandusky is Protestant as was Michael Jackson.

Paterno did nothing wrong and was a scapegoat only.

Host Pay Per Head said...

it was such a big scandal actually, I heard many things about this story on blogs and I heard some more on the daily news