Thursday, August 11, 2011

UNC-FSU on ESPN Gameday, but not UNC-Duke?

ESPN has released the lineup for its College Basketball Gameday, and the list includes the Jan. 14 North Carolina visit to Tallahassee for a game against Florida State. It's a return trip for the Tar Heels' Harrison Barnes, who quieted the FSU crowd with a three-point dagger for the win with three seconds left.

It's also the first time the Seminoles have hosted Gameday.

Another first? A flex option on March 3, either North Carolina at Duke or Texas at Kansas. Internet vote? An ESPN wait-and-see? Top bidder? No word yet on how the Worldwide Leader will choose, but the choice will be announced on Feb. 25.


Reid said...

They try to go to different places every year

Anonymous said...

If you want to build a better conference like the Big East, you have to try and build atleast a 3rd team in a conference dominated by the same 2 teams....FSU is the choice by Default because the others just cant get consistant.

MichaelProcton said...

Reid's right. They don't want to go to the same ten venues every year.

Anonymous said...

Please...I know they want to "mix it up", but tell me one neutral fan who'd rather watch UT-Kansas over Duke-UNC. Name one.

Anonymous said...

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Host PPH said...

Oh yes that day I watched that game on EPSN with my fellas and it was a really good game actually and that is why I still remember it ;)