Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Duke, UNC, N.C. State basketball excel in class

Duke, North Carolina and N.C. State had widely varying degrees of success on the court in men's basketball in 2009-10, but all three schools posted stellar performances in the classroom.

All three ACC men's basketball teams received public recognition awards Tuesday for performance in the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate calculation for 2009-10. The only other ACC men's basketball team to receive recognition was Virginia Tech's.

The NCAA announced the awards, which are given each year to teams that finished in the top 10 percent nationally in their sport in the APR calculation, which measures classroom performance.

On the court in 2009-10, Duke won the NCAA title, North Carolina was National Invitation Tournament runner-up and N.C. State played in the NIT.

Duke led all ACC schools with 15 sports programs receiving public recognition awards. In men's sports, Duke was recognized in baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, football, golf, soccer, swimming, indoor and outdoor track, and wrestling. The women's basketball, fencing, lacrosse and volleyball teams also were honored.

North Carolina was honored in seven sports - men's basketball and swimming, and women's fencing, golf, gymnastics, swimming and volleyball.

N.C. State's men's basketball, cross country and mixed rifle teams were honored.

Boston College finished second to Duke in the ACC with 10 public recognition awards. Wake Forest had six sports honored.

The Charlotte 49ers earned public recognition awards in men's cross country, golf, indoor track and outdoor track, and women's tennis.

The NCAA will release the complete APR data on March 24.

-- Ken Tysiac


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The NCAA will release the complete APR data on March 24."

Next Year?

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If you are interested in how Charlotte ranks in APR, The full article from Charlotte can be found at:


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Wow...15 sports for Duke.

Word is that academics are what kept Deandre Daniels from committing to Coach K (same thing happened to Eric Bledsoe last year). Shame.

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What about that other Div 1 school in Mecklenburg County? You remember, the one that used to get all the coverage a couple of years ago when Stephen Curry played there. I spent 15 seconds on Google and found that Davidson has 13 teams on the list.