Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Krzyzewski scuttles NBA talk

DURHAM - First there were rumors that the New Jersey Nets and their Russian owner would be interested in Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Krzyzewski said he was flattered, but he also said, "Nyet." Last week, Krzyzewski's name surfaced in speculation about the Cleveland Cavaliers' vacant coaching position.

But Krzyzewski on Wednesday reiterated the stance he took last summer, when he said Duke is going to be his final coaching stop.

"My position hasn't changed," he told reporters at the start of his yearly K Academy basketball camp.

Then he smiled.

"I hope Duke's [position] hasn't changed," Krzyzewski said. "You never know. Maybe they thought I only had one more [championship] left in me, and it's time to hit the trap door."

Nobody at Duke is trying to jettison Krzyzewski after the season the Blue Devils just completed. With a 61-59 win over Butler in Indianapolis in April, Duke captured its fourth NCAA title under Krzyzewski.

With Final Four most outstanding player Kyle Singler and high-scoring guard Nolan Smith returning, the Blue Devils will be a favorite to return to the Final Four in 2011. But Krzyzewski said the team is going to alter its style of play.

Duke will lose frontcourt starters Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas. In the backcourt, heralded, athletic freshman point guard Kyrie Irving is expected to replace steady, heady departing senior Jon Scheyer.

With Liberty transfer Seth Curry also becoming eligible, the Blue Devils will be deeper in the backcourt. So Krzyzewski will have them run the fast break more.

"We'll run and we'll press a lot more," Krzyzewski said. "We only had three perimeter guys [last season]. Well, four, but one was a converted big guy [Singler]. And actually it should be a strength [in 2010-11], depth on the perimeter."

Ken Tysiac


704Champ said...

Sorry UNC fans and fellow State fans. We're just gonna have to wait for him to retire at Duke, and hope Dawkins or whoever else isn't as successful.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't UNC won 1 more than Dook in the last 5 years? You guys grab one in the last 10 years and suddenly "King of the Castle" Huh?

Anonymous said...

The UNC tarheek mafia has been working the phones for multiple years trying to find ways to get Coach K to leave because the tarheels truly do not like competition. It stings when the rich kids down the block beat the state funded, punks with entitlements. Duke basketball and lacrosse rules. UNC is in the gutter quickly after being top dog.

Anonymous said...

I think the source for the annual rumors that Coach K is being pursued by NBA teams is Coach K.

Anonymous said...

You said it, 10:07.

The only way Coach K leaves Durham is in a pine box.

Why would he trade the adulation he now enjoys for the harsh lights and surly player prima donnas of the NBA?

He has plenty of money now.

Anonymous said...

You Dukies are idiots. UNC isnt afraid of you. Congrats in your title. You earned it. But the facts are the facts. Roy is THE ONLY coach that has consistently beat Duke since his return.
Please dont forget the Heels have walked into your gym and beaten you consitently.

Yes Duke is great, but to suggest the Heels are scared? Please. You had to win again eventually.

Anonymous said...

UNC-CH fluffers are out in force again. Roy has led you into the gutter. Maybe he'll compare the Holes situation to the Gulf Oil Spill. So sorry that the Wears didn't want to put up with the locker room thugs anymore. Go Duke!

Anonymous said...

Roy Boy has "consistently beat Duke????" He is 7-7 vs. Duke as head coach of North Carolina. (Williams was 1-3 against Duke as head coach of Kansas). So that's just an asinine statement. And as far as national titles go, Roy=2, (one with Matty's players), and K=4. And K has never been the laughing stock of the ACC like UNC was last year. So shut it. Embrace the mediocrity. Stick to what you know best, inappropriate tweeting. Ha!

Anonymous said...

How long before Roy is fired? Is the bench player from basketball powerhouse Alabama going to save UNC-CH this year? LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the bandwagon UNC fans are now off the wagon. UNC-CH's grip on media within the state has slipped and they are PISSED! Sorry, but now that the covers have been peeled back, UNC-CH has lost its shine. And Roy is finished.

Anonymous said...

Is Roy's investment banker son still unemployed? You know. The overpaid Wall Street trader that Roy told us about last year to try and gain sympathy?

Anonymous said...

You tarhole fans can hate on K all you want-he has yet to make even a fraction of the boneheaded comments to the media that Roy Williams does. How he could give a #@!$ about Carolina, and how losing games was worse than the Haiti disaster. Ejecting a fan of the other team for cheering against UNC? That guy is a friggin idiot-and yet he is pure unintentional comedy. And then he calls out his players for what they tweet about? Give me a break. Hi pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's actually TWO in the last 10 years, but being a UNC fan I understand math isn't your strong suit.