Thursday, October 16, 2008

Davidson set for more madness?

As Davidson prepares to run through its “Midnight Madness” session Friday night in Belk Arena, you can’t help but remember last season’s stunning Wildcats’ run to the NCAA Tournament’s Elite Eight, when the team finished a basket shy of the Final Four.

Which brings up an interesting statistic, with a big $.

Davidson’s college book store had been averaging $1,700 in daily sales prior to Sunday, March 23, according to the Davidson Journal, an alumni publication. On Wednesday, March 26, the first day that “Sweet Sixteen” T-shirts were available, the store did $35,000 worth of business.

Not only that, after the win over Georgetown, the phrase “Davidson College” was No.1 on Googletrends’ list of most-searched words. It’s “hotness trend” was “volcanic.”

One player said that he received 1,800 Facebook “friend” requests.

And finally, after the heartbreaking loss to Kansas, the team arrived home at 3 a.m., Monday, March 31. All 15 players made it to their first class that day.
—Stan Olson


90Cat said...

I may be 18 years out of Davidson, but every time I read a story about college happenings, I am transported back to those days with a smile on my face. The best thing about it is that the memories are of the camaraderie, not of the W column. That said, GO CATS and bring it home in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Nice article, but is midnight madness open to the public? Where is it? What does it cost?


oliviaharis said...

An exclusive liberal arts school with a small enrolment and high tuition fees ($41,000), Davidson was better known for the free laundry service it provides students than its basketball program, which has a distinct international flair with players from Canada, France, Turkey, Nigeria and England on the bench.
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