Monday, November 19, 2007

Davidson's top 25 ranking, finally

Davidson earned its first national ranking in 37 years Monday, by getting ranked No.25 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll.

But a few coaches, including Wildcat coach Bob McKillop, thought Davidson should have been ranked last season.

The USA Today Web site lists the votes for all 31 coaches who comprised the poll during the 2006-07 season. McKillop first ranked his team with the March 5 poll last season, when Davidson was in the midst of winning 25 of its last 27 games. But other coaches ranked the Wildcats earlier than that. George Mason coach Jim Larranaga voted the Wildcats in his poll two weeks before that, and St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli had Davidson in his poll a full month before McKillop.

The full database is available at Scroll down to the bottom for the poll database.

This year's votes haven't been released yet (last season's full list didn't come out until after the season), but Davidson's rugged performance against No.1 North Carolina Wednesday had to sway some more voters. The Wildcats led the game with six minutes left, and still had a chance to tie with 30 seconds left.

Now, Davidson will get its first chance to officially play with a bit of a bulls-eye Wednesday at Western Michigan. If Davidson can win that game, and Saturday's home game with N.C. Central, the Wildcats might move up in the coaches' poll and debut in the Associated Press poll.

But it will be hard for Davidson to stay ranked because of a challenging schedule after that. Davidson's next four games are at Appalachian State Nov. 26, against No.13 Duke Dec.1 at Charlotte Bobcats Arena, at Charlotte Dec. 5, and against No.2 UCLA in Anaheim Dec. 8. -- Kevin Cary


Anonymous said...

Is this the moral victory Top 25??

I guess the mighty Tarheels are so good, if you play them close you get ranked. Did Iona get some votes too?? They played the heels this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I guess if Davidson can play the heels that close, and nearly beat them, then i guess the heels shouldn't be #1. Mighty heels..ha. Either they were exposed, or Davidson is worthy of top 25 consideration.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Davidson's ranking was premature - as evidenced by their loss to "powerhouse" Western Michigan. Until you consistently beat whom you are suppose to beat on a week in and week out basis - you don't deserve national attention or respect. So Davidson and "ABC" fans, quit your whining. Carolina is #1 this year based on a quality program and the returning core of players from a team that went deep into the tournament last year. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

No need to be so snarky ... Western Michigan is a pretty solid team. The Broncos have taken down much bigger foes than Davidson in recent years, including Alabama, Michigan (a bunch of times), Southern California and Arizona State. They have defeated other BCS-type opponents, I just can't recall which ones.

Anonymous said...

Another thought ... one of Western's top players is David Kool. He was Mister Basketball in Michigan a couple of years ago. And even though the sky is Carolina Blue down your way, a ton of awesome basketball players come out of Michigan.

WB said...

Early rankings are great. But it's best to be ranked when it March.

It's a long season, so I hope the Cats can make another run like last year.

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