Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tar Heels to grace the cover of ... a Wheaties box?

You know you’ve arrived when you’re on the cover of the cereal box.
North Carolina’s men’s basketball team will be displayed on the front cover of Wheaties boxes, representatives of cereal maker General Mills announced Wednesday.
Expect Duke fans to switch to Raisin Bran in mass quantities. ...

EA Sports announced that Duke will play in Hawaii in the 2007 Maui Invitational along with Arizona State, Illinois, Louisiana State, Marquette, Oklahoma State, Chaminade and Princeton.
Teams will play three games on Monday through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, Nov. 19-21 at the Lahaina Civic Center.

– Ken Tysiac


BlueDevilyn said...

Too bad I'm snowed in and can't rush to the store to buy my Raisin Bran...on the same token, UNC fans can't all rush out to get their keepsake box of Wheaties.